Slack Minimum Age Requirement Warning

Hey guys,

This is a warning and a friendly reminder that the minimum age requirement for slack is 16. I received an email earlier today regarding this from slack customer support. The email can be found below. It states that any members under the age of 16 are to have their accounts deactivated. Failing to do so may result in suspension or deletion of the workspace.

I know that the infinite flight community has an age requirement of 13+ and that many people here are going to be under the 16 requirement for slack. Va owners and staff members who still use slack, if you haven’t already received this email to forward it to the rest of your staff team.
My advice would be to start thinking about moving to other platforms such as discord where the age requirement is 13+ like the IFC.

Links that are stated in the email.



Dumb question but what is “slack”

A communications workplace that 99% of VA’s use to communicate with the pilots etc

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I can say 60% VA use Slack, such as IFAET or ANVA. 40% use Discord, such as IFATC or FedEx virtual

You should follow slack rule which many va’s don’t

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When was this put in place?

A few months ago. That’s why IFATC is now on discord


My question is, how does Slack know everyone’s ages…👀

Idk, but its pretty easy to fake ur age online

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I wouldn’t reccomend it. Those who do probs will be found out by IFVARB/IFC and their accounts suspended

Through your google/ apple account

This was announced to the members in the IFVARB a while back. It is the responsibility of every VA to follow the the Terms of Service for whatever platforms they may use. (slack, discord, crew centers, etc) We will communicate it again as a reminder to the members in the IFVARB slack.