SkyWest livery CRJ-700


I think it would be a cool aircraft to add into IF because it it is the only aircraft in Skywest’s fleet and since Skywest codeshares with lots of other airlines we could use it for any airline and fly it on any regional route that the airline operates. Let me know what you think about it.:)
Picture credits to Jetphotos
Picture taken by Yamac


There already is the Alaska Airlines SkyWest CRJ-700, and SkyWest only has one painted in their livery, and they’re not a major airline.


That shouldn’t matter. The Alaska More to Love 737 is in IF and that is the only one in the fleet. And there are a lot of airlines in IF that aren’t a major airline


I would like it as I am trying to do a virtual airline based on Skywest so it would be great.


This is not the ONLY Skywest CRJ-700, this is the only one in the Skywest livery.
Skywest actually operate 100 or so CRJ-700s for under the regional brands of the US3. Those aircraft are painted in the United Express, American Eagle or Delta Connection livery and the flight uses the Branding of the mainline carrier the flight is operated for. Skywest operates a dozen or so Skywest branded CRJ-200s along with this sole CRJ-700 in a floater fleet for any of the carriers that contract them.


*Skywest is counted as a major US airline, with a fleet of 475 aircraft, making it the largest regional airline in North America


I have made an edit to say the only Crj-700 in the Skywest livery in Skywest’s fleet. Sorry didn’t realize my mistake:)


Doesn’t Skywest mostly have its own livery on the CRJ 200?


I would love this. Even though they only have one in their livery. This airline has been a major part of my traveling life.