SkyWest Flights

Anyone have a quick and easy way to find out which airline SkyWest is flying for in FlightAware?

An example would be SeaTac: Delta Connection or Alaska?

I believe Skywest is with Delta, Horizon is with Alaska, Eagle is with American, and Connections is with United. I could have read your question wrong though.

Edit: Skywest is an individual airline that operates regional airplanes from United, American, Delta and Alaska.

I mean understand they’re a regional airline carrier contracted by the mainlines, scope clauses and what not but SkyWest is one that isn’t a subsidiary of one of them. SkyWest has contracts with most of them. In the case of places like Seattle SkyWest is operating flights for both Alaska, Delta and United

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Never mind. I found a quick and easy way to find out on Flightradar24