SkyWest EMB-120

Used to fly on this beauty several times a year. I would really love this livery.


I don’t know why but I like it :)

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I also like the Allegiant MD-80 tail in the background too.

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Was this the aircraft that crashed somewhere in America because of an engine failure? (Sorry I watch too much Air Crash Investigation) But yeah, it’s a great livery anyway.

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That was with ASA, in Georgia, there are 2 similar crashes involving this aircraft and airline, one was in 1991 and the other was in 1995 and another one with Continental Express. Would be nice to have more regional turboprops.


Damn I knew it…looked kind of similar.

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I just posted about this… I was going to this morning… LOL

I like it it’s a smaller prop but it is decently sized I think it should be included in the game

We already have one. Dash8

I know that,what I actually mean is to have more turboprops. @zbelle

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Needs a capital W (not to be confused with Virgin Australia Regional)

Looks interesting…

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Thats a nice plane! Would like to see that in the game…

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