SkyWest CRJ-200ER

With some things my mum told me that there is still some CRJs painted as Skywest. I was like “Yeah”.
Also the old topic.

Is closed so I made a new one ya.
I miss the SkyWest livery and now as United took Skywest last major hub LAX. Lots of people lost there job. Even the manager is going on break.

Credits too Jeremy D. Dando


Looks good, I hope to see this in a CRJ update.


I miss it so much. If whenever there is a CRJ rework this should be a thing.


Nope. I want the full Skywest livery. Not just saying operated by. I really do miss that livery.

Only one picture per request. If you want to share this photo, post a link to it.

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So people take down my posts for duplicating and now because you linked my post it makes it okay? No. That’s just unfair.

that one was closed for inactivity. it closes automatically. it’s ok bud. i just linked it to sho the old post.

That looks amazing! I wouldn’t mind flying that 😉

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We need to get the CRJ votes up! Like this so the mods and devs see!

Looks very goood!!!

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Wait did United buy SkyWest?

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I love this aircraft, it’s very popular were I live.

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When we get the CRJ Skywest operates not just a Skywest livery but operates most delta conection and united express flights… we will have more than one sky west livery!! (If you count the "operated by Skywest"in the bottom a livery!!


The SkyWest livery looks to plain to me…but it would be nice to have anyways! :)

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I saw some Skywest liveries in KORD back in February.

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Because the CRJ update is soon to come. It would be nice to have the normal SkyWest livery with the other Operated by SkyWest planes

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