Skywest CRJ-200ER

Hello everyone!
Because the CRJ update will becoming soon, I would like to request the Skywest CRJ-200.
About Skywest
Skywest is the largest regional airline in North America and they are headquartered in St. George, Utah. They are paid by American Eagle, Alaska, Delta Connection, and United Express to operate their jets on regional routes across the United States. They were named “Regional Airline of the Year” from Air Transport World.
The CRJ-200ER
The production of the CRJ-100 and 200s were ceased in 2006, but regional airlines still operate them including Skywest. The Skywest CRJ-200 seats 50 people, has a galley in the front and lavatory in the rear of the cabin.
Fun Fact!
Did you know the CRJ-200 has an upgraded engine version of the CRJ-100?

(This photo was taken by me)
Thank you for reading everyone!

This actually looks kinda cool! Would live to see this in IF. Good luck!! 😉


You have my vote, I love this livery.


Looks boring to me, but I wouldn’t mind having it in game.


I also recently saw this at my home airport!

This could fit in infinite flight along