Skywest 3204 | Bombardier CRJ-702ER | Phoenix, AZ - Durango, CO

Skywest 3202 | PHX - DRO

Hey welcome back to another photo shoot of mine! I finally did get my subscription back, so that means to start flying again! Today I chose to fly Phoenix to Durango, Colorado for a nice short hop into an area I’m very familiar with, in the CRJ-702ER.

Let’s get into the photos!

At the gate in Phoenix, loading up the passengers and cargo

Taxiing to runway 8, while @Moosehead08 rotates in another American Eagle CRJ

Gear up!

About to cross the border into New Mexico

The small town of Farmington, New Mexico as we begin our final descent

Gear down, established on final on runway 3 at KDRO

Moments from touchdown I floated this unfortunately

At the gate in Durango. Unloading passengers and cargo with a view of the San Juan Mountains in the background

Thanks for viewing my photos! I’ll be back soon with some heavy aircraft!


What would you prefer for my next long haul photos?

  • Munich - Osaka Lufthansa
  • Paris - Hong Kong Cathay Pacific
  • Paris (Orly) - Saint Denis FrenchBee

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Great shots! Hope to see the next topic!

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Great shots! Would to see the Saint Denis flight. Wonderful place that is :^)

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@Sashaz55 thank you!

@Tsumia hope to get there soon. I have never been there!