How would I insert a SID or STAR in SkyVector? image

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Why would you? SID/STARs depends on what ATC assigns you, and in the US they usually don’t lead to a specific runway either. Just plan out via your initial waypoint


What if in an online flight sim, e.g. IF Online, and there isn’t online ATC, you need to choose your own SID/STAR, therefore, You would need to insert one. Or would I just fly without a SID or STAR?

You don’t have to, but if you want to type in a STAR then you would type in the leading VOR, then the fixes after it (if that’s what you’re asking)
Although in Infinite Flight since there likely won’t be the same amount of aircraft as in real life, executing STARS isn’t all that necessary since there is no need to avoid other aircraft/airspaces/airport approachs etc. However, I understand the realism you’re looking for, and I’ll probably be using SIDS and STARS too (Anyone can correct me if in wrong, just trying to help)

Flightplan starts at waypoint at end of SID, ends at start of STAR. Just work out which SID and STAR you need and write them down, or something.

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@SirPilotOfAviation… Suggest you check out the IF SkyVector Tutorial or use the IFR Route Analyzer in “Flight Aware” which route plans graphically for you via SkyVector by waypoint + SID /STARS

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Linking @Maxmustang’s informative tutorials:


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