SkyVector to IF Route Converter


I was wondering if there is something somewhere to convert routes from SkyVector to IF like IF Flight Plan Concerter ( which converts routes from FlightAware and SimBrief only so that you can have and use all the waypoints in IF as some are missing. Just wondering as if you just copy and paste a route from SkyVector into IF it mostly misses a lot of waypoints.

I think you can use simbrief to get the skyvector route. Then it will show as your simbrief route and you can follow the steps and use the website above.

I looked into it but its just not feasible. SkyVector wants to charge a decent amount for access and then some of the formats are not developer friendly.

If you paste a plan into IF with an invalid or missing waypoint the plan does not get pasted. (Unless it changed) This was the whole reason I made

I am planning some updates which will make generating a plan much easier for the end user.

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