Skytrax World's Top 100 Airlines 2018

Skytrax World Airline Awards just announced the World best Airline and the World’s Top 100 Airline 2018. You can also check other awards by checking this link:

World’s Top 100 Airlines:


Congrats to Singapore and all runner ups! Im surprised that Etihad didnt make the top 5 and How did United come 88? Guess they werent as good of on airline as I thought.


Delta was the #1 airline in the US, with Alaska just behind. JetBlue was a bit behind, which upraised me.


Every U.S. legacy carrier went down in position except for American Airlines!


I’m glad that Singapore is #1 as it was awesome when I flew on them. United is my main airline and having flown on other airlines I completely agree with their rating.


AYY so glad ANA broke top 3 again my fav airline
They beat teo of the middle eastern giants Ethiad and Emirates ! The Asian airlines are stating to flood the top 10:)
Congrats to All airlines and especially Singapore , I know they are really good ,well deserved

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Lol the first 6 airlines for cleanest cabin are all based in Asia
Nice to see ANA at top!
Ohh look who’s number 4 on most improved Ryanair !

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Virgin Australia took a loss 😨 moved down quite a bit. New Zealand won best premium economy and moved up 2 places.

Yay Garuda’s in the top ten! I feel like Westjet and Silkair should’ve been a bit higher up the list

Well diserved Singapore Airlines. Amazing airline! Well done to Qatar too!

Air Canada and westjet are in crappie ranks.but I h set to say westjet is moving up quiet fast

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