SKYTRAX World Airport Rankings revealed!

Changi International has won Ballon D’o… Whoops! I mean, worlds best airport for the 5th time! Tokyo Haneda is runner-up!


Changi international is the best airport Ive been to


Auckland Airport at 22nd quality performance there lads though i have seem some ratings with it in top 10 but it will do :D

“voted for by international air travellers around the world during the 2016/2017 survey period”

lets be honest not many people fly to Auckland and it doesn’t have many fanboys so i guess its at a disadvantage just like Air NZ in the skytrax because it is voted by random people.

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people who dont get football reference will be very confused lol


Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta at 44th Best 😂 (Last Year, 63). Great achievement for CGK thou

Changi Airport definately deserves the first rank. The airport service is top notch. They are also offered a kind assistance to travellers too. Plus with so many facilities offered on the airport (From Fish Pond to Sunflower Garden). I’m not surprised to see Changi can get their 5th consecutive award for the Best Airport. I predicted they will get another one next year 😊


Glad to see CPT ( Cape Town ) really high up on the list , IMO the best airport in Africa.

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Is really interesting that in the first 10 airports there are not Americans.

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Almost everything in Japan is clean lol

@the777fan YVR ranked 13th on the list!

I think I’m a little disappointed to see that the first American airport is #26.

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i know I saw, they also got best in North America for the 8th time in a row!

I will be flying to numbers 2, 12, 13, 14, 28, 39, 43, 58, 63, 80, and 86 in 2017!

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