Skytrax reveal the best Airlines and Airports in the world (2015)

Hello everyone,

Yestarday, Skytrax announced the best airlines and airports in the world for the year 2015!

Etihad Airways remain at the 6th position!
And Qatar Airways, won this year!

For the airports,

What do you think of the results?


Wooohoooo! Awesome! :)


My fav FlyNiki is 98th :D
Ryanair’s not even on the list, is it?
Home airport Munich on 3rd place, nice one!

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Love how the 3 main members of the Lufthansa group are nb 12,13&14 and 1,2&3 in Europe (not counting Turkey as European)

damm 3rd for the airline and 4th for the airport. Oh well better luck next year CX

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Lol I always think that Skytrax is BS

If you pay them more they give you a higher position

I don’t even believe this at all

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Not surprised at all. The respective airlines and airports deserve the award. Congrats to them!

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Is there an equivalent of Skytrax?

Don’t think so

Why is KJFK (New York JFK) at 60? I always thought it was very organized.

I was happy with qantas 10th place

That’s why we shouldn’t trust Skytrax

Proved my point


jetBlue is also at 50 on the airline list. Though it would be at 25 or better

Air France doing great this year ;)

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My 2 home airports are in the top 10… Still don’t know why YVR can make it No. 10

They’ve been declining in quality for a while now. Nothing much soecial about them except more legroom, their Mint product, and whatever is left of that awesome reputation they once accumulated

YVR has done a lot of improvements those years

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Being a YVR man(heading there very often), it’s a long way till ‘good’

The Air Canada lounge just makes me cry


How did Southworst get ranked higher than American and Hawaiian? (Noticed how I said South worst) I’m glad JetBlue made top 50 though.


Avianca #49, awesome :D

Oh my and SFO is #36! Wow!