SkyTrax IF Virtual RESULTS!

While i agree that quantity does not mean quality, Delta VA, since i have been a part of it, has gone above and beyond across all accessible channels.

While the site is a free site, there is an emense network built into the site that i have not seen in any other VA (i was a part of SW, AA -the old, and BAVA) and there hasn’t been anything like deltas system. And on top of that, there are some new aspects (coming soon and then down the line) that will make it far and away a top notch VA system.


Another thing to add, the custom websites that ElCapitan mentions are based off of a template from phpVMS.


Thank you, and the amount of coding that goes into is long and very drawn out. @mwe2187 I appreciate what your saying but Weebly and Wix were not coded or designed to function as platforms for VA’s so in reality the features on the website itself is actually limited. However I appreciate that not all have the ability to code and there are those in the community who are generous to donate their time to help make these website. However those who used Wix/Weebly have been stellar in maximising the resources available.


Yeah i would agree with what you are saying. having a custom site has been on our to-do list/want list, but it’s further down the list based on things we want to have beforehand, especially based on the pilots we have and their request for what they want to see and have to use


@mwe2187 @Narruto_Mieumieu @BenTyson @Sam_Jacobs1 @ElCapitan This is so true! If we take a look at the real SkyTrax the 5 star airlines are not the largest airlines in the world. THey get voted because of their hard work and good service.

But in this virtual SkyTrax we don’t base our awards off of passenger service. So there is nothing we can really do to make it so smaller VA’s can win the 5 star awards. To make that happen we need more people to vote who is not apart of a VA but still knows the whole VA situation


It’s so amazing to be in the communities favourite VA and be Head of ATC! Well done BA!


Thank you, we really appreciate your feedback. We won’t be competing in events hosted by ‘SkyTrax’ in the future.


In Response and to follow suit with one of the very best VA’s in IFC in terms of professionalism and Infrastructures, FedEx Virtual will also not partake in future events either.

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For your future competitions, you guys should select judges to choose VAs in each category so the VAs with the most members don’t automatically get the awards.

And yes, these judges should obviously not be in any VAs so they can be unbiased.


Me as well, I don’t think we need the “approval” from another VA/VO.

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In the future for category awards, We will be having judges for our awards. Sorry to VA’s that are upset about this.


A message from me as the CEO to all VA’s. If you are upset about this awards, im sorry to upset you all.

But remember this is the first time I have done this and there could also be lot of room for improvement. I will be taking every bodies comments into consideration for the next awards (mid year). I hope people could understand. Fore example the category awards: the next ones we will doing will be done by a judging panel. The judges will be from the Staff on my VA (Cathay Pacific VA) which will be 100% fair since they my VA is a sponsor of this organization.

Also to any VA’s that are hurt about not being able to win a category due to VA size or whatever reason else, just remember having that is motivation for your guys to work harder and make your VA as large as possible. For example if you have a good website, you can indeed attract more people and grow your VA members and followings.


I disagree with this and I don’t think it is 100% fair. Maybe have a panel of judges appointed by the IFVARB? The regulatory board already has a general knowledge of how all VA’s are fairing and yet have to remain unbiased. If the panel of judges were to come from any VA, there will not only be a risk of biased judges, but also a risk of said judges choosing along alliance lines for example strictly oneworld or star alliance or skyteam… I think having the IFVARB either be the judges or appoint the judges would be the best way to ensure fairness.


Sorry I disagree once more, Some VA’s choose to cap their intake and have only extremely active members that they can manage to the fullest, your statement still indicates that those that decided to be as big as possible is your idea of a good VA, and that logic is heavily heavily flawed. We Still stand with @QantasVirtualGroup and @Jacob in not partaking as its abundantly clear that skytrax have very little knowledge of the serious complications and in some of my colleagues above cases personal financial investments that go into running a VA on platforms that are actually fit for VA’s not only on IFC but probably would be able to walk into FSX.

Kindest Regards


I personally would be agreeing with a lot of these comments made by the newer VA’s. Some of them deserve a lot more and truely should have won an award or two. I have a few suggestions to make this better

When the time comes to do these awards again you should post a google form or something similar asking people what VA’s they would like to see up for an award. Then you choose every VA that is mentioned and pm the CEO asking if they wish to partake in the awards. Then you have a panel of judges, preferably chosen by the IFVARB. This ensures there won’t be any bias opinions and it will be fair. You then ask the panel of judges to review each VA/VO that was submitted. They then go and review it and vote a few VA’s out.

So originally the awards could have started with 20 VA/VO’s. Now that the IFVARB have narrowed it down to let’s say 10, the IFVARB would put the VA/VO’s into a category or you could just put them in every category. Then the public votes on what VA they would like to see winning an award.

Once the results are in you make them public. The more transparency with these kind of things the happier people will be.

If you have any questions about my suggestions or if you want me to elaborate more on them then I will.



Uh, just a general message. @K3v1nxu and his team have made an amazing effort with these awards. For you guys to have publicly criticized him not only shows up yourself, but also your VA. If you don’t appreciate the effort, fine. You can’t please everyone. But just as equally, you don’t need to write a 500 character message explaining why you disagree. That’s what a PM is for. As I posted to all CEOs on the IFVARB slack yesterday, aerosync won a 4* award. I’m not complaining, arguing or criticising. I’m thinking, hey, this is what we need to do to make ourselves even better. Maybe I’ll drop a PM to the Skytrax team to ask them if they have any comments.
It’s a virtual award, in a virtual world. Time to grow up guys.

Also, @oscar_mur great example of an improvement instead of straight up ‘you suck’


Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Again I have read all the comments above and will take everyone of them into consideration for our future awards.


Can we possibly have awards every 2-3 months?!? Like SkyTrax Virtual has the 1 big award thing (this one)… But now throughout the year, they have different kinds of things


Speak for yourself, I’ve found them to be awesome! Definitely deserving of the awards.


Each person has a different story. So let’s all speak for ourselves :)