SkyTrax IF Virtual RESULTS!

Have to agree with @anon2063420 on this one. If my votes get thrown out if I vote for what I honestly think is right then this thing is meaningless.


Honestly, your statement serves little to no justice for the effort that @K3v1nxu has put in to organising this.

To explain why there should be multiple awards for best in each area, you must know that the best VA may not be the best at everything. It may be very organised, but not as active as other VAs. The awards have their respective significance, afterall these awards are meant to recognise and reward VAs for their respective strengths, not just some $0.03 participation sticker.

Just my $0.02.

And you completely miss the nail on the head @sniperguy135. One VA can have the best of multiple of these categories and limiting people’d vote from the same VA in multiple categories just diminishes the actual value of being considered for an award. If an award wants to actually have value then you cant limit people’s selections to “represent more than just one VA”


I understand where you’re coming from. A VA that deserves the reward should get the reward.

Take another perspective, its somewhat like the Oscars:
You wouldn’t want 1 actor to win all the awards, even if that one person was really deserving of it.
The (somewhat) same applies here, even if 1 VA were to be qualified and deserving of all the awards, I personally wouldn’t want it to all go to just 1 or 2 VAs. Not speaking for just my VA.

Edit: In fact, for those VAs that qualify for top few for every category should deserve awards much better than just those specialised awards


Hi, I was wondering if all current vas are there because I think embark is missing or was there an elimination process? I also love the idea :)

Ahem… :) See below

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2 days left to vote! Click here if you haven’t voted already!


1 Day Left To Vote! Vote Here - If you haven’t yet already!


Voting is now closed! Good luck to all VA’s ! Results will hopefully be announced tomorrow!


Notice! Unfortunately I will have to delay the release of the results. Sorry for the inconvenience. Tune back tomorrow for the official release!


@K3v1nxu skytrax site throwing up 404 not found error.


I have unpublished the sites as it has the results for the awards. It will be up again Tomorrow ;)


SkyTrax IF Virtual 2017 Airline Awards Awards:

Hey Guys! Thanks for tuning in! Thanks for all of your votes in the 2017 airline awards. Below are the results! Congratulations to all winning VA’s!

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Delta VA: @anon2063420


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British Airways Virtual Airline: @Matt


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Air France - KLM Virtual Group: @Luke


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4 and 3 Star VA’s:
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On behalf of United Virtual, thank you for voting for us as a 4 Star Virtual Airline!


CEO of United Virtual


Congratulations for those who made it up there with 5,4 and 3 star awards. Best of luck to you all, even for the virtual airlines that are not on the star awards


I gotta say this. All the VA’s are good as they are. In this rank VA’s that arent that good are above VA’s that are better than them. A lot of you will think that im a crying baby, but the truth is that this isnt very correct. VA’s with more members will obviously go to the top, while the others stay in the shadow. Im not saying this because my VA didnt score well, but because i think that this isnt correct. The VA’s should be just evaluated by trusted users, and they should enter in all, so they can evaluate properly. I think that this voting should be only for those who know how all of them work. Idk if im expressing myself well, but my point is, dont make a big deal of this voting, because it can be improved (just my opinion), and whether your VA got last or a bad result, if it is approved by the IFVARB, that means that its good as it is (of course there might be aspects to improve), so be happy with the VA you have, and dont care about this results.


Totally agree, having more members means more votes, but doesn’t make you the best!


Completely agree with both of you.


I also have to agree! I wish you guys posted proof about the results and also it was possible to vote twice on the same device so there might have been some scam. However I think it was still nice that SkyTrax IF took their time to do something like this!


I agree 100% that size don’t mean quality, best website went to one that is based off weebly/wix no offence to those at Delta VA but where as some VA’s like VirtualBlue and Qantas who have put immense amount of effort to build a custom website and get snubbed, that completely does not make any sense to me. However thats not to take away the work done at Delta VA their website is fantastic… but I think credit to those who have feature packed custom websites should come first as thats the standard for VA’s on FSX and Xplane… not Wix/Weebly.