SkyTrax IF Virtual RESULTS!

Also, how will you deter spam voters? People are able to vote more than once.

I think it collects IP Addresses?

It would be much easier to account for voters by restarting the poll, and adding a space to put IFC username.


Ok, thought it was late December early January

Don’t worry we have to in account. To vote you need a google account and you can’t vote more than once with the same account. If people create new accounts then that their choice, we can’t really enforce it. Don’t worry though, the results will most likely be unaffected

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I agree with @UpgradeMe I believe that a username entry system should be used in order to keep voting a one vote per person affair.


Good idea but that isn’t really needed since you need email to vote

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Hey Everyone!

Thanks for submitting your votes. I really appreciate it. I hope we get the best results. Best of luck to all VA’s participating.

A lot of people has been asking about the release date for the results:

  • Airline Awards: Sometime around late December (TBD I will post here about the date soon)

  • Best IF Virtual Airline: The voting won’t start until the airline awards will be released so sometime around the new year (Again I will post here about it)

  • Airport Awards: Sometime around early 2018 (still TBD)

Changes we have made:

  • There will only be 5 winners in the 4 star and 3 star va category. (Instead of 10 in 4 star and 15 in 3 star)

Voted. May the best VA/Airport win!


Voted and done (bet no one can guess my top VA choice cough*) 🙂


This’ll be interesting!

This idea is brilliant, I just don’t like people advertising their VA’s here on the posts.


@K3v1nxu VirtualBlue is based on a real-life airline by the way, JetBlue Airways. You listed us under the fictional VA category. ;)


What if you think that the va with the best ifc thread also has the best website? In your form you said you can’t choose the same one for multiple categories


I love this. What a great idea! @K3v1nxu

Of course, there’s going to be flaws with everything and there’s always going to be things people want to change but I think this is going to play out well.


Thanks I appreciate it!

Yeah I said that because therefore we can get varied results so the winner won’t just be one VA for every category. However if you do think they have the best website as well as a really good IFC thread, you can vote for the same one. I discourage that however.

I placed virtual blue under a fictional VA because although it is based off of jetblue, the name is still fictional.

But if you want us to move it to real life airline, I can but you will loose all your previous votes and the votes for your VA in that category would reset.

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New Update:

We have changed the dates for the SkyTrax IF airline awards. Since we have many votes in, I do not think it is necessary to hold the release date back . Voting will be closed on December 14 2017 and the results will be released on the IFC on December the 15 2017.

The Polls for the Best IFVA overall will open on December the 15 2017 and will be closed on December the 17th. The results for that will be decided.

So again, if you haven’t already votedbe sure to click here because there isn’t much time left!

Varied results? How the heck does that make sense? If a VA wins multiple categories because they are the best then they are the best. No need to turn what you are wanting to be substantive awards into IF’s equivalent of a participation trophy.