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Welcome to SkyTrax IF Virtual

Weclome to SkyTrax IF Virtual. As the CEO of Cathay Pacific VA and SkyTrax IF Virtual, I would like to announce that I am proud to release the first ever IFVA awards orginization. We will always try to maintain the highest professionalism and fairness in our awards.

Our Website:
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Vote Now:

2017 Awards

Starting from today we will be accepting votes for airlines and airports for awards. Please view below to understand what the categories are.

All IFVARB approved VA’s currently are eligible to participate in our awards programs. If your VA is listed under the VA Database your VA is automatically entered. Please view here to see all our current participating VA’s.

Please Vote Here:

Please Note: Also If you and your VA does not wish to participat, please pm @K3v1nxu

IF Virtual Airline Awards

Every half a year we will be hosting the IF Virtual Airline Awards. All VA’s will be able to participate in these award competitions. We will split our awards up into 5 categories:

You can vote on the airlines here:

5 Star Virtual Airlines:
These are 5 of the best VA’s in Infinite Flight. These VA’s show the most professionalism and provide pilots, staff, and passengers with the best service as possible


4 Star Virtual Airlines:

These are 5 of Infinite Flight’s 4 star VA’s. These VA’s have quality and show some mostly professionalism. These VA’s are mostly active but not always


3 Star Virtual Airlines:

These are 5 of Infinite Flight’s 3 star airlines. These VA’s has some professionalism. They half active.


Best VA Overall:
This Category is dedicated to only one IFVA. This award is awared to the best VA overall and number 1 VA in Infinite Flight.

Voting is Closed until January for this category since this VA must be our 5 star airline (which needs to be decided)

Category Awards:

Category awards are giving to VA’s that are the best or perform the best in each category. Each Category will have 3 winners


  • Best Website
  • Best IFC Thread Post
  • Most Active
  • Best real world VA (A VA that is based off of a real world airline)
  • Best Fictional VA (A VA not based off of a real world airline)

Voting Form:

Results for the top quality VA’s and category awards will be released sometime around late December.

IF Airports Awards

This awards program will also be hosted every year by SkyTrax IF Virtual. This awards directly goes to the Infinite Flight Editing Team.

More info about this will come out in the near future!

Our Staff Member:

The Board of Directors of Cathay Pacific VA is proud to represent SkyTrax IF Virtual

CEO of CPAVA | Founder ot STIFV: @K3v1nxu
COO of CPAVA | COO of STIFV: @Pilot999
Flight Manager of CPAVA | Manager of STIFV @Jaquille_Ajb

Our Sponsor

Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines is the one and only official sponsor of SkyTrax Virtual. Founded by @k3v1nxu, Cathay Pacific VA is the only VA based in the Hong Kong and China region. Not only they they are a virtual airline they have helped put together SkyTrax Virtual!

As the CEO of Cathay Pacific VA and SkyTrax IF Virtual I would like to thank you for taking your time in reading this. Please vote on your favorite airports and airlines!

Disclaimer: This is a virtual organization dedicated to the game Infinite Flight. Our virtual organization has no way in any affiliation with the real SkyTrax. All logos, images, slogans, etc. belong to their respective owners. This is in no way an impersonations of any real world companies/organizations. Everything on this website is used for purposes of our virtual organization.

Please do not advertise/ask people to vote for your VA in this thread, as they will be removed.


Good luck to all VAs!

Please avoid a torrent of other good luck posts here to keep the thread clean. CEOs are more than welcome to do on the IFVARB slack. Thanks


How come I have to select 10 VAs even though I’m only well-aware of less than 10 worth voting for?


I made it 10 votes because the more results the better! All the VA’s that you selected might not even win.

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I think you should just make it multiple choice. I am only well-aware of a handful and the rest will just be blind guesses.


Thanks for the suggestion! I have indeed tried that method before but the IFVARB and I has decided that this method could have problems along the way.

Ok, sent in my votes.
You also have ‘Most active’ on the forum twice.

I noticed that my qualifying VA Heartland Airways VA is not included in the polls, is it not supposed to be there or did you accidentally forget?

Thanks! I appreciate your edites and inputs fixing my errors!

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It was not in the database at the time he took this list. It’ll be added in, sorry.

Thank you. Cant wait to see the results!

My apologies! I will get your VA added on our form!

Also any VA’s who isn’t on the form, please contact me via PM! Thanks!

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Update: I was well aware that the links the the Vote Now page was not working. It is fixed and you should be able to vote!

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Tailwinds Flying Club for the win!


To be honest I think 10 is a bit much.

Additionally, when will the results be announced?

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Some time in January I believe

@UpgradeMe @Connor_Seymour sometime during late December. The date is still do be decided

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Thanks for the suggestions! However to get more results we need more votes. Also 10 votes is only a fraction of the amount of VA’s in the competition

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I love this! #HawaiianVirtualAirlines :)

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