Skytrax Best Airlines 2016

Here are the results of the Skytrax 2016 best airlines award:

  1. Emirates Airlines

  2. Qatar Airways

  3. Singapore Airlines

  4. Cathay Pacific

  5. All Nippon Airways

  6. Etihad Airways

  7. Turkish Airlines

  8. EVA Air

  9. Qantas Airways

  10. Lufthansa


“Cough cough” Air Koryo= 1 “cough cough”


Sorry the fact that Kim Jong Un has traveled on that airline meant the UK goverment forced Skytrax to rank them the lowest to prevent any success for North Korea 🇰🇵

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what rank was united?

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They weren’t even on the chart 😂

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United is ranked 68 in the world


Emirates and Qatar not surprised at all. Thanks to the paytrax index ;)


More importantly what rank was Air France and KLM?

I don’t understand how that is significantly more important than United.

And Eva Air got their 5 Star Rating.

I think this is a duplicate

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Happy for Qantas in the top 9

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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I checked and previously only Qatar was a five star airlines now there are like 5

It’s supposed to be based on customer satisfaction surveys and other sources but if you are being serious and believe that they were paid then I don’t know how you will be able to live when you believe everything is Corrupt remember this is a British organisation not one based in the Middle East

Yea, now there’s ANA, EVA Air, Qatar Airways, Hainan Airlines, Cathay Pacific and some others that I forgot.

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Nuuuuu Singapore Airlines
Third? Really? I know they’re better than third .-.

Their position is lower than Skytrax 2015 sadly 😭😭

I Think SIA should pay more to win

And Garuda Doesn’t appeared on the list 😫

Glad to see DLH in the top 10 again :D