Skytrans Airlines Dash 8-100

Another wonderful Dash 8-100, operated by an Australian regional airline. Skytrans is based in Queensland and operates Dash 8-100s, with Q200s and Q300s in its previous fleet. It was founded in 1990 and merged with two other regional airlines in 2000 and 2001. In 2005 it became a competitor with QantasLink servicing a popular domestic route, and was eventually acquired by Australian Aviation Holdings in 2006. It reduced costs late in 2014 and suspended operations in 2015. It returned a few months later under the ownership of West Wing Airlines and rugby league player Jonathan Thurston.

VH-QQC in Sydney Airport
Credits to YSSYguy


Nice livery.

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Very nice!

Yes, We need this, We need the Q100!

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Looking good 👌

I’m getting tired of these Dash 8-100 features but this is a very legit feature!

I like it alot.

But they’re so cute! How can you get tired of them? Especially with a matching livery like this.

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they are cute hahaha essential for short distances but they’re spammed in the forum nowadays… yours I love. in my honest opinion

Yeah would love to see it one day.

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Challenger to the 208

Except cuter looking 🤣

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Classier looking too