SkyTrail's (Previously Plexi Playz) Channel Trailer + Bonus Video!

Hello There! I am SkyTrail, previously know as Plexi Playz

First Video

Recently, I have just finished remaking myself so I decided to post a channel trailer to let people know about it.

Here it is:

Second Video

I have been gone for about 2 weeks before this video since I was really busy with school studies so I decided to be back with what I would say, my favourite, infinite flight video ever. This flight is based on the recent event I hosted which got a lot more people then I expected even with @AviatorDan and @PocketRishi. I mean like WHAT??!! AVIATORDAN? HE RARELY JOIN EVENTS. Ok I admit, I kinda notified him of my event. But that’s only because @aviatorshubyt decided to join so I thought, why not AvDan join as well since Rishi (who always is always FIRST to join my event, thanks by the way) and AvHub was in? He Said he’ll come and I was over the moon and then I felt a gunshot as AvHub could not come since he said he was busy due to a last minutes test. I was like, uh oh, please don’t let Dan leave, please don’t let Dan leave. Lol. He kindly joined after that and he event talked in our Discord VC. OOF. Ehh I was kinda disappointed but still, I was glad Dan and Rishi were still in along with 20 other lovely attendees.

Ok, enough talking here is the video:

Ok, ok one last thing, since this flight is 19 hours long… I could not fit the whole flight using 1 music so I hope you enjoyed this longer version of the video

I hope you enjoyed this video and have a good day!


It should be in #screenshots-and-videos I think

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Oh sorry. I thought it was there

Edit: Done!

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No worries! And nice videos!

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Two very great videos! 🤩


awesome job as always Sky!! looking forward to that JFK-SIN event

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Oh my nice videos, and I love how you added the A359 of Philippine Airlines, my home airline:)

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I dont think that would happen soon 😂

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