SkyTeam vs Star Alliance vs Oneworld

This is created to discuss your favorite and least favorite Airline alliances and there best/worst liveries. I personally do not have a preference to any of these how about yourself?



HQ: Amsterdam Schiphol
Founded: June 2000
Major Airlines:

  • Delta
  • KLM
  • Air France
  • Korean Air

Star Alliance
HQ: Frankfurt
Major Airlines:

  • United
  • Lufthansa
  • Air Canada
  • Thai Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

One World

HQ: New York
Founded: 1999
Major Airlines:

  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Qantas
  • Cathay Pacific

I personally love the Skyteam livery the most!


Are we talking about liveries or the company themselves?

For both I would answer Star Alliance, I love United (but they’re so hecking expensive!) and I really like Star Alliance overall.

The alliance as a whole and their liveries not so much about the individual airlines but you can talk about the individual companies (alliance) liveries

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Imo the SkyTeam livery is far more elegant than the other liveries, and not to mention it has some pretty great airlines too!

If I am basing my decision off of liveries I would definetly go skyteam I agree it looks alot more elegant.

Air New Zealand so star alliance

As much as I love Delta I have to go with Star Alliance. Overall they have the better products with Lufthansa and Singapore leading the way on those.


Star Alliance is my favorite but dang, One World’s livery is just unbeatable.

Singapore all white 777 is a great job of star alliance livery.

I am fine with all the rest though

Love the airlines in Star Alliance. Live in Canada(ACA A Star Member), go to China(CCA - A Star Alliance Member) frequently, transit through US(UAL - Star and others) all the while using Miles and More(DLH - Star). Also the way Star Alliance connects the stars of the world(double pun intended) in a great way.

OneWorld is small but still gets me where I need to go most of the time. Small selection of airlines, but still lots of destinations. Use the Finnair Plus card.

SkyTeam has a great livery and I mean like really good. but the rest sucks. Unless flying domestic in China, I don’t fly them. Little coverage outside of China without connecting. Also, the airlines don’t cooperate with each other. I use a KLM Flying Blue card because I like KLM the most out of all SkyTeam members and flying blue has a partnership with WestJet based in Canada(again, I live in Canada).

In summary, SkyTeam has best livery, Star Alliance is the best airline Alliance and oneworld is just mediocre. And yes I do have frequent flyer cards for all three Alliance and more than the ones mentioned above including(ACA CPA AAL BAW).

I honestly don’t have a preference. But between the 3, OneWorld isn’t on my well-ranked spectrum.

Skyteam have the best livery, with one world in second and my least favourite is the star alliance livery

Personally, I love Oneworld, just because I fly with them mostly, like American and British Airways. But I have no preference otherwise.

I would replace BA for the IAG group as it makes things a bit more clear ;)

I’m between oneworld and skyteam because i frequently fly CX but as an indonesian its easier to get miles on skyteam so… I’m divided between those 2

Skyteam is the best, the frequent flier programme is amazing, their livery looks great (although I am biased)

One world for the win!!

I prefer the Skyteam livery best, I prefer the number of airlines in Star Alliance, But the 4 major airlines of One World.

Star Alliance has the largest network, best Europe and Asia coverage by far.