SkyTeam VA

im ready to announce that the SkyTeam VA is Hiring pilots for every Sky Team Partner. Airlines that are hiring:
Aeroflot Russian Airlines (SU)
Aero Mexico (AM)
Air Europa (UX)
Air France(AF)
Alitalia (AZ)
China Airlines(CI)
China Southern (CZ)
Czech Airlines (OK)
Kenya Airways (KQ)
Korean Air (KE)
Vietnam Airlines (VN)
saudia Airlines (SV)
Virgin Atlantic (VS)
To Join you must have:
The Skyteam Instagram page is: Skyteamva just DM me to join and ill give you all the info you need to no Thx and join today!!!

also we are hiring people to do ATC when we are flying and doing events. do the same process to join the ATC. THX YOU AND JOIN TODAY!!!

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