Skyteam VA Grand Open Flight @ KLAX - 101230ZOCT16

@Aviaperevozchik @Dr_Danniel_MD @trantram001 Guys spawn time is in 10 minutes and we will spawn anywhere at Temrinal 3. Thank you.

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@Jeffrey1o2 I have a route suggestion for you for KLAX-KSAN:
This is also known as the LAXN11 route

We are doing KLAX-KSAN-KPSP. Thanks for the suggestion

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Yeah, so for the KLAX-KSAN leg, my suggestion is LAXN11

So cool!!! It was so fun:) Thank you all Skyteam buddies

Anyone have pcs?

No i have twitter snapchat kik and skype

How can you make a second Skyteam??

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