Skyteam group flight

Hello! This is the sky team group flight of May 15th, this flight was held in the Upper region of Mexico which held an amazing mountain view to admire at 32000 feet, the journey started at MMMY where there was a short taxi, a long line, and a beautiful takeoff into the mountains. My cruise was at 32000 feet as said before, and my speed was Mach 0.80
This was to keep a rough 15nm spacing with the other Skyteam members from American Airlines VA and Delta VA, and of course I was joined by members of AFKLM, and the CEO!
Enjoy these pictures
Server: Expert
Flight time: 1:11
Route: MMMY - MMPR
At gate D05 of MMMY

Waiting in line for takeoff at runway 11


Beautiful view from the co-pilots window

Descending into MMPR

Gear, down

Very nice landing, touchdown zone wasn’t great but whatever c;

One of DLVA members landing while everyone parks

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Great pictures! Picture number 5 is just gorgeous!

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Thank you!