Skyteam alliance event

Welcome to another airline event where there’s tons of activities to do. This time I switched it up and decided to do a whole alliance, which is Skyteam. You can pick any airline that part of it, which if you don’t know any in it, here’s the list:image Participate if you want and have fun!

Day: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Time: 4:50PST/7:50EST/12:50BST
Region: Amsterdam
Aircraft: any aircraft that a Skyteam member owns in this game.
Server: FreeFlight

Activities we’ll do:

  1. Landing competition at EHAM: 5:00PM PST
    We’re going to a landing competition on RWY 36L at EHAM. 5 winners will be chosen. Takeoff on any runway and land on RWY 36L.
  2. Fly in formation with your friends: 5:40
    After the landing competition, you can fly in formation with you friends. If you want to continue the landing competition, then you can.
  3. Fly in a HUGE formation: 6:20PM PST
    We’ll attempt to gather everyone and create a Huge formation at 8,000ft. We’ll create attempt a arrow formation.

Im in! I will be KLM 118

i like this approach…sound like an All-Inclusive Event for planes…hahahaha…ok you got my attention…see you on tuesday

What time is it in the UK for the event
I will be in Air France

BST is british summer time so that’s the time in the UK (12:50) @Temidayo_Ekundayo

So it’s at 13:50 Paris time?
If yes, I’ll be there in Air France 1641


I just joined and I am the only one at Ams! Is it normal? 😊

Any chance to change the active runway to 18R to make it a little more realistic…?

Yes, 36L is red.

Sorry guys, I am leaving (it’s empty lol!)
Will meet u all next time!