Skyteam Air France B777-300ER Paris-San Francisco

Hi everyone!

Today’s flight was quite fun. I decided to do this flight as it was slightly longer than the usual long-hauls that I fly, especially with the break today. However, I wanted to change it a bit, so instead of taking the usual livery which goes for the plane from Paris-San Francisco (the usual is not in the game for the b777-300er), I took the Air France-Skyteam livery.

I flew on casual from Paris Charles de Gaulle to San Francisco International Airport. Left at around 6:30 AM local time (Paris time) and reached around 9:20 AM local time (Pacific time) at San Francisco. I flew in the Boeing 777-300ER in the Skyteam livery. This flight was totally worth it!

Enough talk… Now for the photos:

Line up and takeoff at runway 26:

Climbing to FL 350 and navigating from U.K. towards Greenland:

Blood Orange Sunrise, never seen this one:

Now to normality and cruising:

Descending to runway 28L on low visibility (Taken from Bayfront Park in Millbrae, just kidding):

The end of an amazing journey:

This was an amazing flight and I recommend it to others as well. However, fingers crossed and hope you get better visibility on your flight!

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Poor weather at both airports though, right (visibility wise)?


Not as bad at Paris. In fact, quite good when I left. San Francisco was visible when I reached but all of a sudden the visibility was poor.

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Wow! Very low visibility!

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Thanks! Hope you fly this route once too!

The classic IF fog…
Glad you could enjoy the great views of the Bay Area and had a good flight, once again, thanks for sharing your pictures!

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