SkySoldier’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey fellow flyers. I would like to practice handling aircraft in the pattern. I will be open at RJBB for approximately 30 mins (0845Z-0915Z) 24 MAY. I appreciate anyone who comes out! Great way to get your landing numbers up and help me improve ATC skills. Land/dep runway 24L,24R, intersection dep allowed.

If anyone comes out, i would also appreciate your feedback afterwords. See you in Japan!

Confirm you’re applying for IFATC?

Yes, already in the process

I was VH-STM. Good sequencing with the inbound traffic, your runway changes and clearances were good. Nice work!

Thanks for coming out Sean! And thank you for the feedback. You did a good job at helping by calling for runway changes.

I just ran into you again at RJBB on the expert server. I was departing 24L as you were holding short in a spitfire. Enjoy your flight! Thanks!

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