Skynatkee's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (PRACTICAL PASSED!)

Hey I’ll be active on the training server at 5:00pm EDT/21:00 UTC to 6:00pm EDT/22:00 UTC May 28 at CYYZ for help and advice with Ground and Tower. I failed my written (64%) and I am now looking for practice while waiting for the retest! Thanks!

Coming now!

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They won’t be open for another four hours :)

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oops, my habit to instantly join when i see toronto kicked in, my bad teehee


Not open at the moment but I will be at 5pm! Thank you!

Yeah same with me lol.

yeah lol. toronto is very lonely and it’s fun flying at my home airports

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Yep, for sure!

Hey guys I’m open now at CYYZ! Come and do some patterns or whatever!

*on training server

Hey! I’m the Air Canada Rouge A319. So I don’t know if you know this… CYYZ Departure is online now. They’re doing the opposite runways you were using… but hopefully you don’t mind.

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Hey, I’ll come down.

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Hey! Everything was good, you did good my totally intentional test on going to final for the wrong runway, just make sure you use check runway assignment and not wait for clearance for landing. Sorry I had to go, have to get back to volunteering now. At least you witnessed a legendary Starz landing where I land on the runway then go spinning off. Only few have witnessed such beauty.


Yeah, thanks, i thought you were alligned w 24L until short final. so i sent you around.
lol yeah i saw that.

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thank you !

Hey, great session. Here’s some feedback:

  • Good sequencing and clearances, pretty much spot on
  • It was good that issued the GA when I was aligned with 24R, it came a bit late though, I was already landed on the runway
  • With the runway change, you gave me a sequence but not a pattern entry (this was later corrected)
  • When I did get a pattern entry, it was to enter left downwind. I was already on a right crosswind.
  • Didn’t get an exit runway command until I was off the runway.

That’s all from me. Keep improving your controlling skills. Remember, everyone is always improving. Thanks for the service

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I was N813EK…

Here’s my feedback,

  • Delta 119 didn’t need progressive taxi instructions due to the taxiway being far away from where I was pushing back and also you should’ve issued “continue taxi at your own discretion” afterwards…

  • I took off from runway 24R, you cleared me for 24L… If, as tower, going to change runway, you must issue pattern entry first, sequence if required and then clearance.

  • Why did I go around when there were no visible conflicts on the runway, while it’s up to you, I just didn’t see a reason for me going around…

  • Exit command was late at around 20-30kts… I usually issue it at around 70kts…

  • After runway exit, I was told to cross runway 33R when it should’ve been 24R…

Other than the things I just listed above, it was pretty good!

Also, do not be sorry for your mistakes, you are supposed to learn here not apologize.

I suggest you check this tutorial out for a better understanding of the things I’ve just said above… It will also get you ready for your practical!

Thanks for the service and have a good day :)


Thanks for the feedback. (1st bullet) Thank you!

(2nd bullet) I didn’t notice that you were aligned with 24R, my mistake.

(3rd and 4th bullet) At 21:40, yes, I should have given you, “Enter RIGHT downwind Runway 24L, number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind.” The command was intended for when you were still on upwind but, it sent when you were ending your turn on right crosswind, still my mistake.

(5th bullet) At 22:03 Yes, I was late on giving you the command, it should’ve been given to you when you were at a safe speed STILL ON the runway. I was trying to deal with ACA991 not following instructions and not remaining in the pattern, but I couldn’t find the “please follow instructions” command to send to ACA991. But, it was still my mistake, no excuses.

Thanks for the feedback! I will be doing this again soon!

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Hey you still open?

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Sorry no I am not :(. I’m updating the title right now! I will be tomorrow from 12pm-2pm. Please join then!

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