Skymark (Factory) Airbus A380


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One of the more interesting “liveries” the A380 ever saw, Skymark was remarkably close (enough to have had at least one of their A380s fully assembled) before the deal fell through.

The Skymark A380 history

Back in 2011, SkyMark Airlines was Japan’s third-largest and fastest-growing airline. The Haneda-based airline began flying in 1998 as a low-cost carrier. Just a decade later, SkyMark wanted to transition to a premium carrier and start flying international routes. And what better way to announce your arrival than with a fleet of A380s? (Copied and pasted from Simple Flying because that’s very well written and is a perfect fit for the topic.) That’s precisely what the airline did, ordering four whales in early 2011, followed by an additional two in June of the same year. Their first A380 was assembled in April 2014, starting ground and flight tests not long after.

While those plans seemed awesome in 2011, 2014 had other plans for the airline. The Japanese Yen’s value fell dramatically that year, resulting in significantly less revenue in USD for them, while maintaing fixed USD costs. Result: no money for the A380. Airbus realised that, and, after a series of unsuccessful negotiations with the airline, which even involved suing them, the airline asked for bankruptcy protection, restructured its top management and ultimately never got its hands on the A380. In the end, their A380 order was split between Emirates and ANA. As of 2024, the airline has a fleet fully comprised of Boeing 737s.

Why should it be added in Infinite Flight?

The A380 has never had all that many operators, which means there should be plenty of livery slots for it. It’s also a livery I’d doubt is in any flight simulator (besides RFS, but there’s literally everything there). Furthermore, I think Factory liveries are pretty cool, I really wish there were more of them (currently there’s only the 737-900. There was also the A330-300, but that was removed since the rework in July 2021). Lastly (although this one is a bit of a stretch for many), it could be used both as a testbed and as a “what it could’ve been” aircraft, flying routes Skymark might have planned for their A380s.

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I think it would be a fun addition!

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Seems fun, but I wonder if this is or is not a temporary livery.

An interesting livery. I doubt it will be added though as whilst it did fly, it never entered active service with Skymark. I believe Emirates has their aircraft now

And before it’s mentioned, yes I am aware that the Global a380 has not yet flown for paying passengers. This livery was added as part of a collaboration with the airline.

If we look at it that way, every livery is temporary.

If there are enough votes, who knows. Special livery requests aren’t allowed, meaning that, at least for the moment, this is one of very few, if not the only A380 livery left to be added.

Since you mentioned it, thus far the Skymark one is more real than the Global one. 🙃

Also, the prototype A380 never carried paying passengers either, yet it’s been added (which is awesome because non-airline liveries other than Generic are fun).


But I’m still annoyed about the one in Infinite Flight just mirroring the tail from the right side. I don’t trust this “collaboration” they say they have with Global


That’s not even the livery IF added though.


At least it’s real

I mean @AvioesEJogos is correct that we have not seen a physical copy of the Global Airlines livery we have in the sim. Meaning that the Global livery is a hypothetical livery like Transaero and Air Austral.


i don’t think the Azerbaijan 757 is in use anymore??is it? but it’s in the game…

Yes, it is


well what’s it’s reg


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thanks found it

What realistic routes could I do with it
Never mind, this I off topic please PM me

google is your friend


This is true, but if we want to get into technicalities, the prototype A380 did actually fly passengers in 2006 across 4 medium/ long haul flights to test the onboard services and passenger comforts.

Plus, the prototype livery is one that was actively used by Airbus for testing and demonstration flights. It being added makes complete sense.

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Airways Magazine: 🟢 DidYouKnow | In 2011, Skymark (Japan) ordered four Airbus A380, but financial issues led to Airbus cancelling the purchase in July 2014. All Nippon Airways later acquired Skymark, and three A380s are currently operating for the airline. Airways Aviation.

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