SkyMark Airlines Airbus A380

I’m here all night folks.

I’m a little afraid that it’s pretty much un-allowed to post this many feature requests at one time, but who’s up at this time of night anyway?




This thing is real?

That’s crazy. Really crazy.

Some part of the rudder seems chopped of…Nice creativity

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Skymark canceled all A380 orders :(

Interesting stuff:


Probably a good decision after going bankrupt.

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Oh yes it is… One does not simply buy 4 A380s and give it a bad configuration lol

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It’s also hard to buy something when you don’t have any money.

Yea you have to be as rich as the ME3 or be as crazy as SIA

Please do quote me on the SIA part xD

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Yeah I saw too. I was about to post that :P

Yeah I heard about that, but it’s still a nice livery right? :)

The livery it’s ok for me…🇯🇵

Looks a bit like LAN eh?

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i dont think that any body in the next three years beside virgin will buy the A380

I think Iran air is buying some

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