Skylines of the World, Part One

After some inspiration from other topics, I have made some shots of city skylines with an aircraft in the picture. I think I might start a series out of this but who knows. Made with Google Earth, IF (of course), and Photoshop. All photos were in solo and in daytime.

Photo One: Nashville, TN

This Cessna 172 overlooks Downtown in the wonderful Music City in the heart of Tennessee.

Photo Two: New Orleans, LA

After takeoff from KMSY, this Southwest 737 banks over the Central Business District in the Big Easy.

Photo Three: Vancouver, BC

The western port city of Vancouver is a center for air travel, too. This Air Canada A321 ascends into the Canadian air after takeoff.

Photo Four: Auckland, New Zealand

This Air New Zealand 777 is on its way to Istanbul, but first it makes a scenic flyover of Auckland.

Photo Five: Philadelphia, PA

This Daher TBM-930 overlooks the old United States capital and the birthplace of the Constitution, Philadelphia.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Please leave some recommendation on which cities I should do next. Thanks for the visit!


Wow, Absolutely stunning! Great work Alex! Its amazing what you can do with Photoshop!


Nice pictures. But what did you use for the backgrounds?

I used some screenshots from Google Earth. They’re surprisingly in pretty good definition.

Great photo shops

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This is just so cool! Nice ideas and great lighting = 👍

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Thats Illegal!

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Not gonna lie it looks kinda like FSX.


At first i thought some one was posting pics of Xplane

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these are awesome. i cant wait for these incorperated in the game

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Holy cow! Those are absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see part 2

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