Skylines and Skylights @KORD

Hello and welcome to another spotting topic of mine. It should not be mentioned that I haven’t posted a topic in a very long time, but here we are.

Firstly, a Swiss 777-300 departing for Zurich. I can proudly say the first picture was reposted by Swiss on their social media :)

Next, a United 767-300 probably headed for London as that’s basically the only city which sees the 767 from Chicago

Brand new 737-9 MAX planes do look pretty nice I must say

FedEx got sent down the taxiway furthest from any tower and far from the main terminal, but I won’t be complaining

Two United 787’s rotating toward their destinations. One in the new livery and one in the old colors

Aer Lingus being dispatched on their 20 minute long taxi to their gate

And finally, a United Express E175 which decided it’s going to pop in the evening light

That’s all for today. There are many other spotting trips which didn’t get a topic, but at this point it’s been so long I might as well just use those for spotting competitions.

Canon EOS 7D mark II
Tamron 100-400mm lense
Canon 55-250mm lense


yoooo it’s marcel

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Cool spotting session!

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Yes, I am still living and breathing

UA 3 to ZRH as well.

Dope shots, welcome back!

Would’ve been just a 1 in 4 for it to be Zurich. Decided to play my luck with London 😂

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Oh my goodness Marcel is back

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Momentarily yes before I end up disappearing for 8 months again 😂

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Heavenly shots! Amazing 🤩

As an illinoian i approve

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Thank you!

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At what location at KORD do you spot from?

These would’ve all been taken at big hill. Can be found on the OAW website

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