Skyliner Air is Looking For Staff


Skyliner Air currently has 50 pilots and is getting hard for me and @Hamza787aj to handle. We need staff.

Skyliner Support - We require 2 people to deal with problems our pilots are having. They will monitor our e-mail inbox closely and be promoted to Moderator in our Slack Communication team and on our Forum.

Skyliner Recruitment - We require 4 people to recruit pilots for our airline. They will deal with our Google form, sort out call signs and edit our website with our new pilots names.

Please PM me if interested.

Thank you.


I am Interested @B767fan

check your pms @B767fan

Zach has already included how to apply. Make sure you read the full post first to show you’re a realistic candidate.


I want to apply for both recruitment and support @B767fan

Like Zach and I have already instructed, PM him. Do this by clicking on his profile and pressing the blue ‘message’ icon…


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