SkyHighGuys I Virgin America Trip Report Out!!

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Hello fellow aviators and avgeeks of all kinds and varieties,

I have recently been adjusting into setting this page up for my official YouTube channel based off of my trips. I know a lot of people have seen my trip reports I’ve done via photos and words here on this forum, but I thu Get it was time I let you see my adventures in video form.
If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them. Remember, even if you cannot afford to fly, I am here to fly for you and bring the previously unreachable aviation … to you! Enjoy the show ;)

Trip Reports And Aircraft Used/Expected.

Past Trip Reports

So far, my entire channel is based off of my trips via Frontier Airlines. I have entitled a whole playlist for these 7 trips to 7 destinations country wide.

Below is a list of my flights in chronological order beginning on February 14th, 2017 and continuing to the present day. Again, these are trips I have already completed and have full trip reports on the channel for.

Airbus A320 --> KDEN - KORD

Airbus A320 --> KDEN - KLAX

Airbus A319 --> KDEN - KLAS

Airbus A321 --> KDEN - KPHX

Airbus A320Neo and Airbus A320 --> KDEN - KSNA - KDEN

The above are precious trip reports which you can access the video footage at any point in time. The link to my channel will be at the top and bottom of this page.

Upcoming Trip Reports

This set of trip reports MAY NOT be found in the channel currently as they are in the works. They may include any and all airlines, not only Frontier.

Airbus A320 --> KDEN - KLAX

Boeing 777-200 --> KLAX - KDEN

Airbus A320-200 --> KDEN - KSFO

Boeing 737 --> KSFO - KDEN

Airlines To Expect On The Channel

Upcoming Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Norwegan Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

Virgin America

Again, if you have any questions on my flight routines or anything you see here, please don"t be embaressed to step forward and pose a question. Please, however, keep this thread free from offtopic chatter. I’m trying to keep this a central hub where you can find out more about my schedule and airlines and routes I have booked or have in the works.
Credit for this photo goes to LinkedIn


Question: How much does this freaking cost you?
Answer: A rough estimation of a trip is between $50-$100 roundtrip depending on the airlines I fly

Question: How often do you travel?
Answer: Once a month! (I wish I had the money to fly more)

Question: Why do you fly Frontier so much?
Answer: Next Question…

Question: Will we be seeing any long distance trip reports (i.e. Transatlantic/international)
Answer: Probably not for the next year or so…don’t worry I’m just as sad.

Question: Will you fly a variety of airlines?
Answer: As many as I can and are able to afford.
Follow Up Question:…
Answer:…Yeah no Delta Airlines :/

Final Message:
If you feel the spirit and mood to support this channel and my endeavors, I would be honored to receive any subscribers from here on out. This will be the only place I condone my own self endorsement or asking for subs.


Nice idea, looking forward to seeing all these reports! Congrats on getting this started.

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Thank you very much!! :)

Eew the Frontier guy, jk nice one roberto! I’ll check it out and see your trip reports, great idea… :)

Thank you very much my friend. And ew or not ;) Frontier does have style. Thanks for any support and I’ll see you in the sky my mate.

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I have a cool trip idea for you for if you ever get the time:


DEN-MSY-ISP and ATL-DEN would be operated on F9
ISP-PBI-ATL would be operated on F9 or WN

I definitely wouldn’t be able to do that in one trip but I will look into it :) and I am open to flying more Southwest flights if I can find a one way ticket for $60 or under. I’m very picky about prices but that comes from flying Frontier this entire year. Any one way ticket above $50 looks weird to me.
So that’s one reason I’m moving to three airlines that are not low cost.


Review Week

Ever wondered how different Frontier Airlines was in their tray tables and safety cards? Let me show you 😜! Please join me onboard Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 as I show you the basics of the tray table and the seatback card. Enjoy the show! ;P

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Do enjoy some of my favorite video clips and spotting moments from my trip back earlier this month. Be on the lookout for three trip Reports coming up from now to three weeks from now.

Upcoming Airlines In November:

Spirit Airlines (A320)
Frontier Airlines (A320)
United Airlines (B777)

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End of the Week Notification:

Don’t forget to check the channel! I have some absolutely awesome content coming up including:

1 Spotting videos at KLAX, KDEN
2 Two trip Reports (KDEN-KLAX) (KLAX-KDEN)
3 A tour of all three Concourses at DEN (Concourse A, B, and C Gates)
4 Episode 2 of my all new series “From Arrival to Departure” featuring what happens from landing to taking off on the employee side of a flight.

Been feeling down or like you’re just one person amongst billions? Don’t forget that you are one and unique! Check out this short glimpse of how truly immense our world is and how beautiful it is. If that much art ad beauty went into clouds and terrain, imagine how much went into you.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off into the wind, not with it! ~ Henry Ford.

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Nice trip report! Quick question: Why is there a picture of a Virgin America cabin?

If you can give me a tutorial on how to make quality trip reports (like making sure when I upload them onto Youtube they don’t become really fuzzy and blurry all of a sudden) that would be great! :)

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Feel free to track my Spirit Airlines Flight 947 from Denver to LAX. Get ready to see a trip report of it as well!

Im flying on them in a month so I put that there for fun.

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Feel free to track my United Airlines B777 flight 314 from KLAX-KDEN. Expect a trip report from it :)

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If you haven’t found my channel yet featuring all of my aviation exploits outside of IF, or haven’t had time to find it, please consider Checkin it out and offering any support.

Below are some of the recent videos. Enjoy :)


Some of these pictures look like global.

Great trip report!

Thank you for your kind words :)

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Just a weekend recap of some of the videos you’ve missed if you aren’t subscribed :)

You can expect videos like a Virgin America and Southwest trip report within 3-4 weeks depending on how fast I can work on them. I fly out with both airlines next Saturday so start8ng that week of the 5th, you can be on the lookout.

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Feel free to track the following flights tomorrow:

Virgin America VX 1861 onboard their amazing Airbus A320-214. I’ll be sitting in row 7 seat 7A. I’ll be in boarding group A out of Gate A39.

Scheduled Departure: 10:15 AM
Scheduled Arrival: 12:00 PM
Flight Time: 2 hours give or take 15 minutes for airways.


Southwest Airlines SWA 2913 onboard one of their few Boeing B737-700s in the new heart livery. I’m not sure what the interior is like. I am in boarding group B01 so while I am not first onboard, I am the first of the B group :)

Scheduled Departure: 5:15 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 9:15 PM
Flight Time: Expected 2 hours and 15-20 minutes.