SkyHawkheavy12’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @KDAL - [Passed Written]

What’s up I just passed my written test and I am wanting to get some more practice in before I take the practical test. I will try and open around the same time everyday if you would like to stop by I could also tag u if u want. Thanks !

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Great! I turn old enough here very soon so hopefully I’ll be able to join you.

That’s great I just turned fourteen about a month ago. I will maybe open up around 12:30 central time tomorrow if u want me to tag you.

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You can. I will probably be doing a group flight around that time though.

Alright well then just stop by one day I’ll probably open up a lot

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Now open @Crcoli737

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Active runways 13r and 13l

Now closed

Now open active runways 13rand13l

@Crcoli737 open for around 30 ish min

Closing in 5 min due to lack of aircraft

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