Skyfaring - A journey with a pilot (An aviation novel)

Hey everyone!
Lately, I have not been nearly as active on here I would have liked, however I am back so deal with it ;)

I wanted to share an absolutely fantastic aviation novel that I am reading for the second time by now: Skyfaring - A journey with a pilot. This novel is authored by a British Airways F/O who is type rated on the 747. This novel focuses on all things aviation, from the raw flying to the layovers in foreign cities.

Not to sound like a sellout, but I truly feel that everyone who has a passion for aviation should pick up this book. It truly is a great read.



As I said before, it is an absolutely incredible aviation story, and is very enticing, and motivational!

This is not a paid endorsement


Looks good, I’ll check it out. Know if it’s available for purchase in England?

Oh joy…


ooh 1p. not bad.

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But £2.80 postage. Rip off


ahhh what. absolute ripoff. jk £2.81 for a book is decent. it’s probably covered in something I probably can’t mention on this forum without being warned by a mod

I really need a book to read as I literally have nothing at the moment, £2:81 seems doable haha

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It’s a really good book, very informative and appeals to enthusiasts of all ages. I would definitely recommend it!

Ok, so the weirdest thing just happened. I’ve bought the book, and it arrived today. I opened it on a random page and part of a boarding pass came out. I looked at it more closely, and I saw that it was a Monarch flight, on which smoking was permitted. Considering that smoking was banned more than 20 years ago, it must be a pretty old boarding pass

An image of the book with the boarding pass


That’s pretty cool. What website did you buy it from?

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I got it second hand off Amazon

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