Skydiving For The First Time | Melbourne, Australia

Skydiving For The First Time | Melbourne, Australia

“Fear is temporary, regret is forever”

Today was the day, that my dad and myself decided to team up and tackle one of the biggest items on our bucket list and as I’m sure you can guess what it was… skydiving!

I’ve added some of the amazing photos from my journey out of a perfectly safe aircraft to throwing myself towards earth at nearly 200km/h or 120mph.

The first photo below is me hanging off the edge of the aircraft at 15,000 feet in the air contemplating my life choices and how I’ve found myself in this situation:

Next up we have this amazing photo of us mid-freefall towards earth and this is the closest anyone will ever get to flying, the real type of flying… not sitting in business class enjoying a glass of champagne with an in-flight movie.

This is when my love for skydiving kicked in and how amazing it truly is. There is nothing else in the world such like skydiving. One thing that’s true is that you can skydive once without a parachute, but if you want to skydive twice, you’ll need to bring a parachute on the first jump, haha!

And last but not least, is the picture of relief once the parachute has opened and we are safely heading towards the landing zone.

In conclusion, I can keep calling this experience amazing, but words honestly do not do this experience any justice whatsoever. If you ever have the opportunity to skydive, no matter how terrified you may be, trust me take it and you’ll love the experience, and certainly one you’ll never forget.

“Any idiot can fly a plane, but it takes a special kind of idiot to jump out of one”.


What an amazing experience! Congrats man! The views with the ocean and the beach look amazing 😍🪂

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Wow! That looked so fun I wish I was on there

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What do you mean that would be the best in flight movie to exist looks so fun. Great job and thanks for sharing!

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I’m waiting until I’m old enough to go skydiving. great pictures and even better comments

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Sure sounds right.


Amazing, you didn’t just fly a plane, you were the plane.

Thanks Marc. The view was certainly amazing… when I was able to take it in and not thinking of what I was just about to do, haha!

Certainly a fantastic experience. I recommend anyone to go skydiving at least once if they get the opportunity to do so.

Certainly would make an interesting in-flight movie. Thanks so much mate!

It is certainly worth waiting for mate and you’ll love it once you go. Words can’t describe the experience.

Well my tandem instructor was the plane… I was just more like a section of the landing gear, haha!

Hope you enjoyed it, not something everyone experiences in life.

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I have skydived before so I know that it’s truly an amazing adrenaline rush for sure. Glad u loved it mate!!
Cheers from Houston

The first few seconds when you exit out the plane whilst your spinning towards earth, before you level out is the most terrifying, yet truly amazing, adrenaline rushing moment I think I’ll ever have in my life, or it will at least be certainly right up there.

Never going to forget it, that’s for sure!

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That’s awesome mate

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I went when I turned 21

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