SkyBronco Callsign

This month, Western Michigan University located in Kalamazoo, MI, USA a new callsign system instead of calling in as your registration. From N123AB, we go to…

Callsign on Radar: WMU xx

Callsign read over comms: Skybronco xx

I would love to see this callsign implemented as I am a freshman there and found this to be pretty cool. You can read more about WMU below, as well as see the Instagram post WMU came out with with the new callsign implementation.

Hi Huddy, callsign requests for airlines without a livery were banned recently

However, you can reply it in the same topic the ban was announced in:


Huddy! Use this!


Oops. Well, I’ll do that, thanks guys!


Feel free to mention the call sign in the missing call sign data base that is linked above.

Thanks for the understanding!