Sky Team Virtual Alliance | Continuing to Climb Together (Thread Re-Launch)


skyteam Welcome to Sky Team Virtual Alliance skyteam

An IFC Alliance between Air France-KLM and Delta Virtual
Recognized by the IFVARB on Aug. 1, 2018
Sky Team Virtual Alliance announces Alitalia to the team on Sept. 9, 2018
Sky Team Virtual Alliance announces Aeromexico, Aeroflot and Saudia to the team on Jan. 28, 2019
Revitalized Sky Team thread with additions of major VA’s from the IFC on Jan. 28, 2019
Coming soon: Korean Airlines (Pending IFVARB Approval)

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Welcome to the official IFC thread for the Sky Team Alliance, founded in August of 2018 by Air France-KLM and Delta Virtual. Sky Team has been the dream of the leadership of the two Virtual Airlines since the conception of Infinite Flight’s Global Update in 2017 and has grown to include six great VA’s on Infinite Flight. The Sky Team Alliance has flourished behind the scenes with the integration of AF-KLM and DLVA into a centralized slack, with new Sky Team VA’s joining the force. Behind the backing of our partnership, Sky Team continues the longest route agreement between VA’s for weekly routes posted based on the IFATC schedule.

Now, as Sky Team continues to climb together, we will be bringing our weekly event series to the IFC and bring the support of the community to this great team with Sky Team Sundays beginning soon!

The Sky Team Fleet

Aeroflot Fleet

Airbus A333

Airbus A320

Boeing B737

Boeing B773

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Aeromexico Fleet

Boeing B737

Aircraft Area Under Construction for Correction

Air France Fleet

Airbus A318

Airbus A319

Airbus A320

Airbus A380

Boeing B747

Boeing B763

Boeing B777 Series

Boeing 787 Series

Bombardier CRJ-700

Alitalia Fleet

Boeing B772

Airbus A321

Boeing B742

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Delta Fleet

Current Delta Virtual Fleet

Boeing 717-200

Embraer 170

Bombardier CRJ-700

Bombardier CRJ-900

Airbus A319

Airbus A321

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-900

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 767-300

Airbus A330-300

Boeing 777-200ER

Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 747-400 (Retired)

KLM Fleet

Boeing B737 Series

Boeing B747-200 and 400

Boeing B777 Series

Boeing B787 Series

Saudi Fleet

Boeing B789

Airbus A320

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Transavia Fleet

Boeing B738

By order of joining the team

Air France-KLM Virtual Group was named Infinite Flight’s “2017 Best Overall Virtual Airline” by Skytrax IF Virtual. With 30 planes in our fleet, an expansive route database, a variety of career flight modes, and a dynamic mix of world-class events, AFKLM offers Infinite Flight pilots a professional virtual airline platform that is ideal for mature aviation enthusiasts seeking a rewarding VA career. Thanks to our good-natured pilot corps and relaxed, community Slack culture, you’re likely to have some fun along the way too!

AF-KLM Staff

Omar - President (@Omar_DeWindt)
Emil - Deputy President (C.O.D.) (@Emil [Deputy President]
Alexis - Chief Operations Officer (@Alexis.B)
Nelson - Flight Manager (@nxllson)
Matt - Director of Events (@HpnMatt)
Kam - Digital Marketing Manager
Will - Deputy Flight Manager
Vansh - Assistant Digital Marketing Manager
Luke - Senior Advisor

AF-KLM Website
AF-KLM Recruitment Thread

Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @anon2063420 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, it provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down.

DLVA Board of Directors

imageedit_1_6894741613 @mwe2187 : DLVA Manager / Route Manager

imageedit_1_6894741613 @kyle.r24 : Recruitment Manager

imageedit_1_6894741613 @Vari2ty: Medallions Manager / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @snowman102185 : Support / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @CarlosFunes : Support / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @Hopperbolic : Support / Utility

imageedit_1_6894741613 @MrMrMan : Event Manager

Support Staff

imageedit_1_6894741613 @Michael_McMurray : Event Leader / Pilot Academy

Hub Captains
Hub Captains are the newest level of support that work under the coordination of the Route Manager. Hub captains help oversee a hub, or group of hubs, within the VA and the routes assigned to them to make sure that DLVA has an up-to-date database that is accurate to the real-world airline

DLVA Recruitment Thread


We are the Italian virtual airline, founded by Italian IFC members.
We believe that our saying Vivi, Ama, Vola (stands for live, love, fly) truly represents us, as our main mission is to be a family-friendly VA helping IF pilots to grow in the Virtual Airline world.
We put quality over quantity, that is why we decided to join the SkyTeam alliance allowing our pilots to join other SkyTeam airlines and profit not only of codesharing, but also rank-sharing and professional events.

Alitalia Virtual Staff

CEO: @Johannes_koelsch

Honorary President: @Fall_Etto

COO: @Jurassicpark_1993

Route Manager: @Pluky

Flight Logger: @PIXEL

Chief Pilot: @Davidson2000

Event Manager: @AZA.DAL.610

Alitalia Website
Alitalia Recruitment Thread


Our VA is based on Aeroflot, Russian Airlines, which is based in Moscow Russia, and It’s subsidiaries, which are based throughout the former Soviet Union.

​When entering the VA, you will notice that a hierarchy has been placed and some planes restrictions are in application but don’t worry, as a responsible pilot in our VA, you will be able to upgrade very fast. You can get more information about our fleet in the “Fleet” page and more information about our grading system in the “Our grading system & hierarchy” page.

Aeroflot Staff


Aeroflot Website

The union of respect, teamwork and passion for what we do is AMVA’s essence. These are the pillars used to found it and that distinguish us by the most friendly and helpful community and the best developing VA in Infinite Flight.

We are young, creative and genius people full of love who are united since the beginning of this journey and always wanted a place to enjoy our passion; and that turns AMVA into “The line that unites us”.

An enormous choice of routes, a big fleet, community events, the most advanced flight training, experienced and highly-prepared staff and high realism in all our operations and procedures are just a few things or advantages that every member of our airline enjoys. And while the aviation and Infinite Flight continue growing, we are always open mind to receive new knowledges and keep growing and adapting to become a better and more perfect virtual airline.

Aeromexico Staff

CEO - Enrique Fernández @Enrique_Fernandez
COO & Chief Pilot - Fernando Estévez @Fernando_Carbajal
Head of Internal Affairs - Emiliano Maldonado @EchoMikeIndia
Head of Public Relations - Ethan Gil @Jose_gil

Aeromexico Website
Aeromexico Recruitment Thread


Approved by the IFVARB, Saudia will be joining Sky Team officially very soon with more information to come!

Sky Team Events Coming to the IFC

Sky Team has had a tremendous event series independent of the IFC with internal events running weekly between the VA’s. However, beginning soon, we will begin Sky Team Sundays, a flash flight series with 24-hour notice of the events being posted on Saturday’s to include the great community, as well as other VA’s outside of Sky Team that may want to join in on the fun! More information will be coming soon for our first Sky Team Sunday event!

Sky Team Alliance - Phase 1 - Complete

  • New pilots joining the other side’s VA enters with a higher rank than just a newbie.
  • Implementation of a SkyTeam Sunday’s Event Series.
  • Launch new SkyTeamIF Thread on IFC
  • Launch new SkyTeamIF Slack

Sky Team Alliance - Phase 2 - Current

  • Re-Launch of Sky Team Branding
  • Sky Team Sundays beginning on the IFC
  • Increase activity within Sky Team Slack

Sky Team Alliance - Phase 3 - Future

  • New Combined Rank Structure
  • Combined Route System adopting the DLVA Table Structure
  • AF-KLM to adopt PIREP logging system used by DLVA to allow joint filing
  • Introduction of Global SkyTeamIF Codeshare flying perks to pilots of a certain rank

Sky Team Alliance - Future
A product of the Sky Team Alliance is that we will provide a platform to bring our great communities together, and also strive to grow the membership of other Virtual Airlines that are a part of the community. Beyond the initial launch, it will be priority for the Alliance to come together with other Sky Team members, as well as emphasize and locate leadership throughout our pilot base to create and lead future VA’s to be approved by the IFVARB for inclusion

Special thanks to the staff members from both AF-KLM and DLVA that have been a major part of this alliance in bring our two great VA’s together officially for Sky Team! Thank you to @Omar_DeWindt for all graphic design within the thread. @UpgradeMe and @DylanIE for starting the concept of discussion and @Luke_Around for being a major part of organizing the VA staff. The Sky Team staff would also like to thank @Danman and the IFVARB staff for their patience in this process as well as for their great work for the IFC, together, we can only get stronger!

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Delta Virtual is excited for the future of this great group and look forward to the continued growth of the Sky Team Virtual Alliance!


WOW great looking thread and glad to be a member of Skyteam by being a member of AF-KLM and DLVA. cant wait for events on Sundays.


What a truly amazing thread! I’m so honored to be a part of DLVA and AFKLM. I forsee amazing new partnerships and great events coming up! :)


We are just continuing to grow stronger every day. With the addition of AMVA, It’s just amazing. Truly honored to be part of SkyTeam Alliance and DLVA, awesome stuff. Looking forward to the increased activity and weekly events!


That’s what can easily be called a GROUND-BREAKING announcement !

It would be an understatement to say that we, AFKLM Airmen, are thrilled by these innovative milestones. Sky Team is yet again setting the standards in terms of flying pleasure, realism and professionalism for all IF pilots.

Welcome to our Friends at Aeroflot, Saudia and AeroMexico!!

Can’t wait to fly the same headings together :)
We also very much look forward to seeing Korean Air joining Sky Team!

Thank you Sky Team Members and see you soon at cruise level :) !


Flying just doesn’t get any better than a Group of great VAs joining forces to form a strong Alliance like Sky Team and work tirelessly to offers its hundreds of Pilots unique flying experiences.

Thank you @AF-KLM_VA, @DeltaVirtual, @aeromexicovirtual, @AlitaliaVirtual, Aeroflot, Saudia and Sky Team!!


Wow. Stunning thread. DLVA is excited for our SkyTeam partnership!


As a member of both AFKLM and DLVA, I am looking forward to the continued growth of Sky Team! Already many good times have been shared between our two VAs, and surely more to come with our new friends at Alitalia, Aeroflot, Aeromexico and Saudi.

Kudos to @mwe2187 for bringing this dream team together. Sky Team would not be a reality without his leadership.

Here’s to 2019, gents!


Good stuff lads, looking forward to this new chapter in the Alliance’s history! Upward and onward, above and beyond!


Amazing thread here guys!!!


Can’t wait.


Nice thread guys!!


I’m pretty sure i’m not the Deputy President of Air France VA. :)

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Is Sky Team Slack was creat ?

I want to join Sky Team, what do I do?

Do you want to join SkyTeam as pilot?
In the thread all applications process to all VA that are in SkyTeam, you can join one of them. :)

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Hey there @Oli5!
As @Nono45_FR said, you can simply join one of the VAs in the thread. No matter which SkyTeam Virtual airline you join, you can join the SkyTeam group.


It was a great second edition of Sky Team Sundays as we flew from LFPG to LTBA! Thanks to @Alexis.B and @AdmiralsAlliance for the great shots!


To the staff of DLVA, my application has been rejected 2x after the two-week wait period after the first failed attempt. I have also sent two messages to the application team. Can any DLVA application team member please help me out? I have my own thread titled “DLVA Application Help!!!” which anyone with help can comment on. Thanks!!