Sky Team Sundays | Saudi Soiree @ OEJN | 101600ZFEB19


Thank you to everyone for this gathering. We were not ready. Please accept our apology. We just wanted to welcome you and participate with you, as the Arabs do. We also want to be with you in a future partnership.

Causes of error

  1. The time is too late for us

  2. Our members were not ready

3- The way we organize is different from you

  1. Our members did not know about you

I apologize on behalf of IFGC and I hope you will accept my apologies and that we will be in harmony and future allies ♥️

Abdulaziz , IFGC


Our account in instagram @ifgulfcooperation


Thank you for the warm welcome ! That was really a Gentleman move :)
We look forward to flying with you again and we’ll make sure to be better aligned next time :)

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