Sky Team Sundays | Saudi Soiree @ OEJN | 101600ZFEB19


Looks like you’ve opened a new terminal @Philip_Clarke! Got your gate assigned! thank you for joining


DLVA328 flying an A319


DLVA1138 in the airbus please :)


Call sign AFKLM198
Flying B789


Hi I am from the IFGC group. Can you add the names of the pilots in our group? I have the names of the participants in the gates😊


Callsign AFKLM189
A319 group


I wish to add the names of the participants in the gates of the IFGC Group

02:Jehad hafiz
05:Khlid Alqahtani
08:abu murad


DLVA1258 in a 787, please!

I’m going to have to head out a bit early 😬


@kznawsm, @metro, @Teddybrooo, @Darkklitz, @Bobby_Howard, all of your gates have been assigned!

Thanks for joining today’s flight!


Thank you very much for the members😘


Please take me off the list. Personal emergency. Thank you



You’ve been removed. We hope everything is alright.


Could the AFGC pilots stick with this event’s instructions and IF rules / etiquette please? @IFGCGroup


The migration of the B787 LOL!!!


Thank you for joining guys ! Awesome to have you with us.
But please instruct your pilots to stick with Event’s instructions as well as IF rules / etiquette (especially taxi etiquette and flight spacing @IFGCGroup.

Thanks guys !


I’m so sorry, bro. We’re going to try to control the situation. Some of our members don’t think about the terms of this rally.


Thanks a lot my friend, much appreciated!
My passengers got scared when another 787 (Saudia 016 - Abu Murad) flew right through the main cabin ;)


That wasn’t expected for sure poor pax ;p


سعودي الاخو ؟


yep :) من السعودية