Sky Team Members

somewhere in Alaska
all airline that are part of Sky Team

E-170 & CRJ

after take off
beautiful view

cruising altitude, yukon territory
35000 ft

british columbia
CYVR - Vancouver International Airport

These photos were taken by me and some members of the Sky Team group 😊✈😉

if you like, leave one ❤


Nice pics! I especially like the first picture and the one taken at cruise.


Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it.


Is that in Kodiak?

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It’s not in kodiak, I forgot the name of the airport that’s why I did not write it, I’ll try to find it and tell you later

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It was Juneau and the Event is a weekly flight called Destination Saturdays featured by @AF-KLM_VA and created by @Omar_DeWindt 😊


Awesome pics Joslley! Shame I didn’t make it!

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Where is Xiamen airlines? Or you mean is all the Skyteam member airlines that in IFVARB

Do not worry, I’m sure we’ll have more flights like this.

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we could not fly with all the airlines that are part of SkyTeam

These photos are rad, @joslleymiguel_holand! I love AFKLM’s signature Destination Saturday event series. So well put together, and each landing is always a challenge.

Hope to see some folks there at tomorrow’s event!!

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Yeah, I’m really looking forward to the flight tomorrow, thank you.