Sky Patrol

You may have heard of Sky Patrol.
Let me explain what our goal is and how we go about trying to reach that goal.

As you all know, there are many issues with pilots that are misbehaving and ruining it for others.
That’s something I, and others, would like to change.
At least three people are needed to ghost pilots causing problems.
I’d like to be on short patrols with at least two others, to be able to ghost those pilots.
That way we hope to make Playground, but the Advanced Server as well, a better place. Playground should become a real training server where skills can be developed instead of a server better to avoid due to chaos. The advanced server could use some patrolling when there is a lot of traffic but no ATC.
Our goal is to have as much fun as possible and help out at the same time.
So short patrols. 10 to 15 minutes max. After that we go have fun flying.
Patrolling and flying don’t really mix. We don’t want to risk our grade by receiving violation by accident 'cause we’re focusing on something else.
The best way is to stay put on an airport and look around using the Tower camera.
We also monitor Ground and Tower. We will coordinate who listens to which frequency.
When we see something, we will communicate about it.
We will communicate the names and call signs of problem pilots.
Before we do, we will make absolutely sure that the pilot in question is not in trouble himself and is doing bad things deliberately. Otherwise we will not report that pilot. We want to try to solve problems, not cause them! So we will communicate with each other before doing anything.
What has to be really clear is that when in doubt, we do not report!

We are not the police. We don’t have any authority what so ever. We are just fellow pilots, so we will not confront or intimidate other pilots. We will not chase them either. We will just communicate with each other and when we are certain we’ve come across someone causing problems deliberately, we will report that person. We can’t warn pilots. A pilot that gets ghosted won’t know that we were the ones that reported him. That’s OK.
We will spawn like we’d always do. No specific aircraft, liveries or call signs. We will just be ourselves. We will also not attract any negative attention and we will always follow the rules.
There’s no target amount we need to reach. We don’t HAVE to do anything. We do need to have as much fun as possible and help out and increase our skills in the process.

I know people are already doing this on their own.
I just want to figure out the best way to do this and have fun with each other as well.
Organizing this in a group, out in the open, to me seems better than doing it in secret.

That’s about it.
When you’d like to join Sky Patrol, PM me your email address so I can add you to the Slack team.

When you don’t have much time, that’s okay too. We could also always use ideas, feedback and any other input, so join anyway. It’s a nice group, with people who care.

To peaceful flying!


Hmmmm, i like the idea of keeping maniacs out of the Advanced Server.

I first thought about it, if I should reply, but the issues connected to your idea in general are far too important and, thus, must be mentioned.
There are a lot of young People in this forum, so it is worth to discuss what is right and wrong. They have to experience the sometimes painful search for the right decision.

The Price we would have to pay, in my opinion, is too high and your approach to this problem raises a lot of ethical questions.

It seems, even though your motivation seems reasonable, you are crossing a never to cross border:

  • you are taking the law enforcement into your own hands, reminds me of vigilante justice

  • You are setting the rules without giving one a chance to defend themselves, that is almost like shooting first and then asking

  • Everybody is innocent, until proven guilty. You decide on your own, if one is guilty? - based on what?

  • and then, one of the most important achievements of democracies and freedom, is totally lacking in this scenario: separation of powers. Nobody is perfect, so who takes care, you folks do not make mistakes? - which would be irreversible, although the consequences are not lethal. But that is not the point.

So, after thinking of it, I strongly recommend the IF People and Community to not let this until we have found ways to deal with the above mentioned points.

Until then, i will continue to live with those IF pilots who are just …%€&//:-((

But at least we are not compromising our most basic values


Thanks for sharing your point of view, @Clipper747PA. I value your input.

Some things still need to be added or refined.

Going nose to nose, blocking others and even going through others deliberately is clearly something to report. Racing across the airport at very high speeds is as well. I can name more things.
Maybe we need to just report a hand full of defined things.

What also has to be made clear is that when in doubt, don’t report.

It needs to be clear that the pilot isn’t having trouble controlling the aircraft, having connection issues or other things that can cause strange behavior.

Would that help in your eyes?

I appreciate your openness to discuss this open and unbiased!
–I am however in the middle of my working day, so I cannot answer right now.
sorry, I geht back TO you later;-)

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I am trying to be as open and unbiased as possible. This isn’t a crusade.
Talk to you later!

Except Jay can spell, presents his arguments in a well presented and reasonable manner and doesn’t fly off the handle when someone disagrees with him!

Back on topic, I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise but I’m not convinced this is a good idea. The ATC team on Advanced have the power to Ghost and I think it should be left up to them to police users on that server.

On Playground it’s going to be more difficult and I’m not sure a self-elected group choosing to patrol and pass judgement on what they deem to be bad behaviour is the best way forward. There would also be a concern (in my view at least) that we would see tit for tat reactions from the trolls we’re trying to discourage ganging up and doing the same on people who don’t deserve it.

Thanks for your input, @Leodhasach.

You’re right about ATC on advanced. I’m talking about the situation without ATC.
I’ve seen some stuff happening when Tower disappears. Because I was on final, I couldn’t report the pilot myself. It happens on a regular basis that I’m not able to report someone because I’m busy flying. Others have that too. That’s why I started to look around for a while before I started flying.

I do think bad behavior can be defined.
I’d also like to mention that it’s totally out in the open. You could check us out yourself if you’d like to. Or just fly with us to monitor us. :)

You’re also right that on Playground people who are trying to help might get targeted by the troublemakers. I don’t know how to tackle that one. :(



This really keeps bugging me. :( This might be something that can’t be prevented without some form of secrecy. :(

Aye, and then you’ll get the inevitable accusations of a ‘secret police’. It’s a difficult one and I appreciate that you’re taking the time to consider the options. There’s an argument to leave them to it and ignore them but that’s easier said than done when you’re on final and they’re blocking the start of the runway!

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I clicked the LIKE button of your post.
The thing is that I actually don’t like it at all, but I do agree with you.
I’m really having a hard time ignoring ‘them’ and just accepting that the situation is the way it is. :(
It should be better! Playground shouldn’t be a server to avoid. I want to help out ATC in training as well.
If it turns out I’m too idealistic and I don’t get enough support for something like this, I’ll let it go.
Until then I’d like to see what this could turn in to.

Bear in mind Jan is not reporting players for not following instructions, such as “enter left downwind” and the plane doesn’t or “behind the traffic on left base” and they cut the queue. Nope, because this may be down to a lack of knowledge of ATC commands and they are simply learning.

Reportable offences are more like taking off from a taxiway, taxiing through other players, lining up on the runway and staying there to cause chaos etc. Situations like this are what he is trying to prevent, not those who are generally there to learn :)


Yes thats the point of Skypatrol to punish people who deliberately break rules and ruins the experience of others on playground. I like the idea of this and Jan said that 3 people will report which means basically three separate votes and if they all don’t agree it was deliberate they wont/cant ghost unless another user does the same.

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And what if the one doing that has low XP and does it by accident?

Be careful with the word ‘punish’. It’s not like that. It’s about keeping the experiences of the others great. That’s a different take on it.

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That will become clear soon enough. That’s why I suggest not reporting right away but waiting and making absolutely sure.

Maybe you should have sent a PM to potentially interested people instead of making a post, now everyone knows about what your plans are.

You might be right. I’ve placed myself in a somewhat vulnerable position. I am aware of that.
On the other hand, the names of the others are still unknown, for the most part.
And people have to PM me to be added, so that’s not public either.

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You say doing patrols of 10-15 minutes, take SoCal for example, lots of people there, you could have one in your group become report-button happy and report users who are learning.

That is possible right now as well.
That’s why you need three!

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I kind of like the idea but I don’t completely agree with it. The server is called PLAYground. Regardless of what the description says, most people aren’t going to pay attention to that. You and just about everybody else on this forum are the exception because you want this to be an experience but 50%of the people who are in the app are just using it as a game.

People don’t want to stick to free flight because there is no atc. Maybe Advance needs to be invite only and they create a new server as a middle ground