Sky in the sky

Hello, IFC!

I recently had the pleasure to fly with the wonderful @Skyler.Cooper! We did a relatively long C172 flight over the coast Chile and then had some fun doing aerobatics and semi-dogfighting in the Grand Canyon in the Spitfire! It was a blast, here are some pictures of the flights.
Both flights were on the Expert Server :)


The beautiful Chilean scenery

Yeah yeah, rectangle in the corner 🤦‍♂️

Some formation flying

Some formation parking!

My takeoff was so bad I got 1 landing for it

Some very controlled flying 👍

250kts pass because why not

Dogfighting… kinda

Ok I pull up

Thanks for having a look at these pictures, and thank you very much for the awesome flights, Skyler!



Pleasure to fly with as always, love it when someone gives the old warbird a flight, makes me happy !!
Big love


Very controlled flying indeed!

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Love formation flying!

By the way, thanks for doing Ranger Creek Airport! I drive past it all the time and was shocked to see it was 3D!

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Me too, the P38 and Spitfire are always a pleasure to see in the sky! 🫂

Absolutely! I didn’t crash once that day! I crashed twice 🥰

Me too!

Haha no worries! I love that place, I used to drive by it all the time and it was always so beautiful!