SKY Express A320neo

About SKY Express

Sky Express, legal name Cretan Aeronautical Operations, is a Greek airline headquartered in Athens International Airport. It was established in 2005 and it operates a number of flights, serving 35 domestic and eight international destinations. The airline also has major hubs in Heraklion and Makedonia

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Personally, I think this livery is really great. It’s bright and attractive as well and it would be a great addition to the A320 family in Infinite Flight. Sky Express uses this aircraft on flights from Athens, Heraklion, and Makedonia to destinations such as London, Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Larnaca among other destinations. It also flies from smaller airports in Greece to major destinations in Europe.


More information about SKY Express can be found on their website: Official Webpage | Air Tickets | SKY express

It’s nice. Is there any other variations of the colors?

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No, for now the livery only has these colors.

SkyExpress would be amazing in IF. However, this is an A320-251N and all requests for neo liverys got closed recently. I would recommend to change the title to a A320neo request and see what happen. If the topic stays alive, you got my vote!

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I want to butter this so bad


Would love to fly with this Livery
Hope they introduce it soon

You got my vote 😃