Sky Coffee Buenos Aires Cafe, Miami, Florida

Today I was around Miami 🏝️😎 for the day and decided to pay a little visit to this rather unique cafe for those who don’t know, it sounds like your usual Argentine cafe 🇦🇷☕️ but it’s not. You see, the “building” is actually the front part of a former Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 it is located in Brickell on SW 15th RD on the right side of the Metrorail. It’s cool to see these relics of the past get reused instead of being torn to pieces.

Here is the line, pretty long right? Feels like your boarding on the ramp while at an airport in the Caribbean 🏝️ definitely a unique vibe! And I have to say this “livery” looks really cool! 🖤💛

Before I “boarded” I obviously made sure to touch the fuselage, it really sucks to know this is my 1st and probably last time touching a Mad Dog since almost every airline I know has already retired them. American Airlines phased them out back in 2019 and I believe Delta retired them in 2020. But speaking of Delta, can you spot their logo on these service carts? Even if you can’t see it, the posted placards and the bulkhead design patterns are clear sign to who this MD-88 used to belong to.

Unlike most restaurants, the wait wasn’t boring probably since it is aviation themed. But here is the mad dogs cockpit, as you can see it’s pretty outdated. Analog displays all over the place but it’s still really cool to see this in 2024! You can even see the manual still there intact.

I honestly have no clue if these seats were updated or if they are the original Delta seats just recolored. This is the first class section of the MD-88 in a 2-2 configuration. Unfortunately, there is no economy section to see and before you ask. Yes the lavatories and overhead bins were openable but they were used for storage and I don’t think the crew would be happy with me just opening their storage areas and taking pictures but oh well and on the seats themselves, the seatbelts and life vests are still there pretty cool right?

The seats on the left side are in the standard configuration but on the right side it’s quite a different story, it’s kinda like a table seat. So 2 people would be facing BACKWARDS which would’ve been extremely cool to experience. And look, there is the bulkhead design I was talking about signaling this was a former Delta jet. Eventually we got to the front of the line but back of the plane and placed my order, I got myself a ham and cheese croissant 🥐 and a vanilla milkshake 🥤 really good 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ so if you live in the 305 🏝️😎 or around the place or your visiting, definitely check this place out! The only real “complaint” I had was that it was the front portion. I wish they had the full plane with seats and the exit is via the unique rear emergency exit but besides that. Definitely worth checking out and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Nice shots. Cool to see these old birds get repurposed instead of outright crapped.

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You can’t fly the MD80 on Delta anymore but they have 717s, the updated model! Realistically they should be retiring them though. Glad the old birds are being repurposed well though, gotta visit sometime!

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