Sky Cana A321


Hello again IFC it has been awhile and I hope everyone is in good health. Today I bring you a livery from
a very recent and very much developing airline based in the country of the Dominican Republic in which I’m from ( Donde estan mis panas de la RD ). This airline is very small and has only started revenue service in July 2021, its first flight was from MDPC - KMIA ( Punta Cana to Miami ). While Sky Cana is not the first Dominican airline to have set foot in the aviation industry, it does hold good promise and has shown steady and humble growth, to achieve it’s goal of being the International Hub of the Caribbean. As of now Sky Cana has 4 Operational A321’s and 1 A320 on order. However as the tittle indicates I will request only the aircraft that is currently flying.

I’m aware and understand that you can’t request 2 liveries in one post and I’m not intending to do so. My request here to the developers is to add either livery, not both at the same time, since the airline has these two liveries split among 4 aircraft evenly and I do quite like both. If this is still a violation for the use of livery request please do let me know and I’ll happily remove one of the pictures above.


Sky Cana’s Official Website
Sky Cana WIKI
Sky Cana LIV 2
Sky Cana LIV 1



These both look like some fantastic and diverse liveries. As you have mentioned, you can’t request two seperate features in the one topic, plus each feature request topic must only have one photo.

I recommend you take a read through the category rules that I’ve linked below for you:

You are more than welcome to create two separate feature requests for each different livery and only use one picture per feature request.

Thanks for the understanding mate and take care!

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