SKTM: inconsistent runway vs terrain altitudes

Please check SKTM airport: runway and / or terrain altude do not correspond. To illustrate, I attach IF screensuot where the runway is significantly below surrounding terrain image vs actual airport picture. Thank you.

Hi! Can you attach the photos you have please? It seems like you haven’t attached them.

This airport has not been edited by the editing team. It will be addressed when they rework it.

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The airport not being edited is part of the problem, but the airport’s current elevation is ~8ft above the real life elevation…so I don’t understand the terrain’s logic here.

The editing of the airport also sets the altitude correctly. It sets the boundaries correctly, runway positions, etc.


I think he meant this thing on the end of the runway

That’s on the other side of the runway

The key thing to check and adjust is: the actual airport in general and the runway in particular are around 2m ABOVE the surrounding terrain, not BELOW the terrain level, as it currently looks in IF.

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Must be but i cant confirm

Yes, that would be added as part of the editing.

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