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I just arrived on a flight from Cali that used to take 30 minutes and took 1h20m. I am noticing that people are using aircraft that SKRG does not receive. As a frequent user of this airport, I beg you to NOT use aircraft like the 787-10 and A350 for a 30-minute flight down to Cali. When I was on final to RWY 01, 3 planes were on the same final. 1 of them had to go around and as I was expediting the runway, another plane came in. Please be considerate that SKCL’s biggest aircraft that it can handle is the B788. Seeing multiple people using A330s on this short flight is unrealistic and makes me feel as if I were in the casual server. This is a lack of realism. In the end, it’s just a game. PLEASE BE CONSIDERED OF SPACING.

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Well, there’s nothing you can really do, people can use any aircraft they like as long as ATIS doesn’t state an aircraft size restriction, which rarely happens and mainly used in GA focused days,


Whilst there are procedures enforced on expert server, people are free to fly whatever aircraft they want unless stated by ATC. People can fly 747s on that route if they want to. It’s the same argument as the banning certain liveries from areas.

Looking up some off the aircraft that do come into SKRG, i was surprised to find B788’s and A330’s coming into the airport at the frequency that they do IRL.

However, it is worth noting that short flights with “heavy’s” are nothing new for Infinite Flight. Many will do LAX-SFO all day long in A380’s. Within the world of IF, people want to fly with what they want to fly with, and sometimes thats what can make IF great!

Some do like to keep it as realistic as possible - and unfortunately those flying in with the B748 into SKRG don’t help that experience. But take it with a grain of salt.

Edit: On the ATC side of controlling an airport like that, controllers will seek out what type of aircraft go into a location in the real world and match their procedure with that as much as they can.


Cail doesn’t get any heavy’s, but Medellin does get A330 and 787 all the time! Really can’t do anything, Expert has been a mess lately can’t change or do anything till they add better rules to the game.
Sorry 😩


Cali with no heavys!!! What are you talking about!!!
Cali used to hold KLM 772s to Amsterdam and also has had some visits from the Queen when avianca had them around 30 years ago
Also Medellin can hold the A380 and the A380 was used in Medellin in 2006 for planning stages, thats why I’m Flagging this thread. Look up your Info @PedroG

Please be considerate that SKCL’s biggest aircraft that it can handle is the B788.

You guys need to read more carefully.

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