Skittles and Pepsi

per request of @DeerCrusher

In case you have not noticed, there are Pepsi cans in many of the cockpits of planes in IF. That more or less makes Pepsi the unofficial in-flight drink of Infinite Flight.


Sir Deer along with me and maybe a couple of others would like to see the official cockpit snack become Skittles, because Skittles allow one to both literally and figuratively taste the rainbow. What better way to enjoy the flight (and get a sugar high)?


Note: You can view this as a joke or take it seriously. It is up to you.

I think it would be more work than it’s worth and I have never seen them served on flights so slightly unrealistic.
Yours Truly,
Mr Buzzkill 😘


Maby the pilot just brought them onboard? 🤔


But I like Pepsi :(.

Yah I for sure would. I know the passengers would feel comfortable when the pilots walks into the cockpit high on sugar, acting all giddy like a 5 year old.
@Aviator_Airbus Pepsi stays, it would be the official drink.

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Ya, definitely, that’s how all the pilots are right? 😂

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Hmm, I like the idea. I see it as a little side joke, but where would the skittles be placed? Will it sit next to the Pepsi can unrealistically not sliding off the surface, or will it go a top a mini table somewhere in the cockpit?

Maybe if you can answer that question, I will consider sparing a vote, but not now as I’m a diehard M&M fan 😜

I think this would be a cool little detail that would make Infinite Flight even more special. Its like a little gift and rememberabce of the community! :)

Everyone needs to vote for this! We need to make this huge!!!

Can of Skittles

Skittles can go here in crj image

Weird request, but I like it! You have my vote!

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If DeerCrusher wants it, it must be good! :)

@anon7075715 btw the original request was to replace the Pepsi


Personnaly, I always carry my own bottle of wine with me when flying!

Oh well in that case, I’m not voting. Funny idea, but I’d rather have a cold one in the air, than rainbow colored sugar. 👍

But good idea to you guys for considering this.

While it is fun and all, I would hope people would save their votes for something more meaningful to the app that enhances the pilot experience. As you can see from the newer redesigns that the pepsi can has been replaced by other more meaningful features.

The devs may add it and/or other Easter eggs from time to time but for now lets keep #features for more serious feature requests.


But…but it was originally requested by deercrusher so it must be serious!