Skippers Aviation - Bombardier “Dash 8-100”

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Photo belongs to Skippers Aviation.

Bombardier “Dash 8-100”IMG_3397

A firm favourite among passengers, the roomy Dash 8-100 offers unsurpassed cabin comfort and a quiet, smooth journey. Combined with our friendly cabin service, you will arrive feeling fresh and relaxed. The Dash 8-100 is probably the most popular turbo-prop in Australia. It is used by most regional airlines across the country and indeed the world, where reliability and maximum uplift are key issues for getting the job done.

Aircraft Statistics

Passenger capacity 36 passengers
Cruising speed 500km/h
Pressurised cabin Yes
Airconditioned cabin Yes
Number of pilots/cabin crew 2/1
On board toilet Yes
Manufacturer Bombardier
Payload 3450kg
Service ceiling 25,000ft

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This little plane looks great, and it would be awesome to have this livery in IF!

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@Qantas737guy Skippers!


Ahhh what a company


Never knew Skippers operated Dash-8’s, nice livery, it’s needed in IF

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